5 Focus Areas to Automate and Grow Rich in 2014

5 Focus Areas to Automate and Grow Rich in 2014

Here are five, proven technologies based on The Webinar Way that are easily available to every business or practice right now to help your organization double qualified leads in 2014 and beyond. A Marketing Sherpa survey listed webinars as #1 for effectiveness!

The 5 key marketing technologies include:

1. Pages that Capture Attention and Create “Stick” – Create Custom Landing and Thank You Pages: Both your webinar landing (registration) page and the thank you page after registration are critical to your success. They will help you add more prospects as you connect at the start of the marketing funnel then provide valuable content and curiosity and finally close which is getting the registration. The thank you page provides more “stick” so potential participants actually show up and attend.
Suggested technology: LeadPages

2. What happens after webinar registration? Automate the process of multi-step lead follow-up.  Whether you have a sales team that takes leads and follows-up in person or on the phone or you have a hands off approach, the system behind your webinar helps nurture the relationship with your audience. Timely and appropriate content and conversations can grow number of initial leads into qualified leads. Most big-ticket items or complex sales require salespeople to get an appointment or close a sale.
Suggested technology: MyVirtualCaller

3. Encore Program – Once you have an excellent high-converting webinar, you can turn it into an automated webinar which I like to call an encore webinar. Also called on-demand webinars where your training, educational or selling presentations are available every day 24/7/365 or on a schedule. Smart marketers are running “virtual live” programs to save time and deliver your best presentation (and sales pitch) to prospects when they want it.
Suggested technology: EasyWebinar

4. “Choose Words that Sell” Did you know that one headline can out-pull another by 500% or more? This is the most tested area of a web page and offer. Also switching features to benefits in bullet point format is worth 15% or more on all your pages, registrations, and conversion programs. Understanding how the technology of “the right words” allows you to benefit from the power of direct response copy.
Suggested reading: Words that Sell

5. Automation Management System – As mentioned earlier, you must automate your follow-up. You also need a customer relationship management system to automate the marketing.  Receiving timely “hot” leads can make virtually every business and salesperson more successful. This technology also helps you track where your best leads and sales are coming from, so you can reduce the marketing and advertising which is ineffective and double-up where you have the highest probability of finding the perfect audience and the next big deal.
Suggested technology: Ontraport


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