6 words that launched an empire

You may have heard of six word stories or 6 word memoirs or even life in 6words, but this is not that.  Nor is it the 6 Words singer’s official video.

These are the six words in marketing.  Launch as in set into motion.

The six words that launched an empire… an empire so huge, so long lasting, and so financially successful that it operates in over 100 countries and has grown for 63 years straight.

So successful that it serves more than 69 MILLION customers a day.

What’s the company?


What are the SIX (6) words?

“Would you like fries with that?”

That simple upsell added MORE money to McDonalds’

bottom line than any other 6 words in the history of planet earth.

An upsell. A simple offer at the point of purchase that adds massively to your profit margins.

Upsells used to be hard to do online… lots of complicated programming and funky code you had to manage.

But not anymore!

If you use WordPress, just like this site LIKESUP.com is built on, then see what my friend Jim just released – a new suite of plugins that will ROCK your world for doing upsells, split testing, coupon marketing, video marketing and more!

We just did a cool training that demo’s everything so you can see it in action.

Check out the webinar replay; click image:


There’s also special pricing on the plugin right now, so check it out if you want to make more sales :-)the SPECIAL pricing on the plugin only lasts another couple of days, then the prices go UP!

Get all the details here:


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“Invest in your success”

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