For one week, Taki Moore, is giving away his book on Amazon.  You can get the Million Dollar Coach system, in all its detail, in book form … to be highlighted, cross-referenced and immediately implemented.

His new book shows The Nine Strategies On How To Drive A 7-Figure Coaching Business and if you’re looking to grow your coaching business this book as answers.

The old models of coaching just don’t work well anymore – you’re trading hours for dollars and only get to work with a handful of clients; so your income, independence and impact are limited.

There is however, an easier way to help more people, get more clients, be a leading in your industry and charge premium pricing all while helping more people.

“Million Dollar Coach”, reveals how to design and deploy a leveraged coaching model that allows you to scale your income and impact, and until Dec 23, you can get the Kindle version absolutely FREE.

It’s chock-full of the coaching secrets that were previously only available to those who either attended a Million Dollar Coach Intensive workshop, or enrolled in my exclusive Black Belt program.

After the free week,  you can get it for only a few bucks … or order the physical book (the diagrams and images inside are worth it!)

What better Christmas present could you give yourself than the gift of knowledge… Million Dollar Coach!


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