Facebook Ads Now More Prominent Display in Groups

Facebook Ads Now Have A More Prominent Display with New Group Layout

Facebook groups went from 3 columns to 2 columns (see details).  This means that there is more screen real estate to display ads on the right column.

Have a look at these two screen shots of the same ad.  This ad #2 was captured two days ago before the new group format had rolled out.  As you can see from the Halloween orange color beside the ad, it is substantially smaller than ad #1.  Ad #1 screen shot was taken today, October 31, 2012.


As part of the research supporting the Webinar Promotion Formula which includes ads for webinars like the one above we’ve been tracking ads on Facebook.  The new group layout removes the left column so the screen real estate displays the posts and the ads.

Are you seeing these larger ads in your Facebook Groups?


Sherrie Rose

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