How to Make Your Offers Truly Irresistible

Would you like to know how to bring people to the point where they make a decision right on-the-spot? So they invest in your product or service or contribute to your cause—or take action to sign up for a webinar, apply for your program, or agree to a strategy call? And, all without being seeming pushy or too salesy?

What you need is an Irresistible Offer. It was Mark Joyner who said with an Irresistible Offer you can Sell Your Product or Service in 3 Seconds or Less.

The problem is most entrepreneurs forget to craft an irresistible offer.

Here’s how you can make a magnetic Irresistible Offer:

First, during your live or webinar presentation to a group or individual, star by building the GAP. This is written about in detail in Sherrie Rose’s book, The Webinar Way. The GAP is the difference between where your potential customers are now and where they want to be. It’s that desire in your potential clients for the value, results, and better life that your product or service will give them.

When that desire is at the top of their mind and has their full attention, then you’ve created the opening to make your Irresistible Offer.

To be truly irresistible, your offer must have a reason, an incentive to act now. Why? Because you don’t want your potential clients in the mode of “thinking about it” so they put off their investment until “later,” which with all the demands and distractions may never come. You must have them take action while you are presenting the Irresistible Offer.

There are 3 crucial incentives you must include in your Irresistible Offer:

Incentive #1 > Limited Time Discount for Fast-Action Takers
This is the special price break you give to people who invest right today on the webinar or during the live presentation. For example, if your product retails for $1497, the today only investment could be $997. If your potential clients want what you’re offering, they’ll take action for such a great deal.

Incentive #2 > Free Access to Event or Exclusive Training
To entice your potential clients to invest now, you can offer a free ticket to an upcoming live event or live paid webinar (exclusive) that you are offering. This could even been affiliate partner’s event. Chances are your potential clients were considering that event anyway, so the free access, along with your main offer, is just too irresistible to pass up.

Incentive #3 > A Bonus (or several bonuses)
These are those fabulous extras that have massive value and augment your main offer, but don’t cost you a lot to produce. Bonuses are something they would have paid for anyway and but is not available in a retail setting. They can only get the bonus(es) as part of the whole offer. For instance, with my The Power of Webinars training program, I include as a bonus a Customizable Slide Desk to create your own presentations. That bonus is incredibly valuable and makes the experience of creating a world-class webinar fast and easy. It’s worth a lot to everyone!

Become the One Who Is Pursued

Rob Kosberg says, become the hunted. Be the one who is pursed.


You can change the sales dynamic from your pursuing the potential customer to being the one who is pursued. The three incentives attract your ideal clients to you for your products or services because you’ve demonstrated value – they purse you!

Robert Cialdini reminds us that we need scarcity (limited numbers) and urgency (today only). These change the dynamic from being pressured, where you’re trying to push someone to do something, to a feeling of attraction, meaning they desire what you’re offering. The timing is NOW and if they don’t say yes today, they will not receive the discount, free access or bonus(es).

Those three incentives are the key elements for your Irresistible Offer. What do you have in mind for your Irresistible Offer that will work for your potential clients?

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