Likes UP: Anatomy of a Great Post on Facebook

Likes UP: Anatomy of a Great Post TechCrunch Facebook Page


Does the headline grab you?  Is the subject one that powers your passion?

As an entrepreneur who loves technology, a TechCrunch headline catches my attention.

And anyone who knows about luck knows that you CAN create your own luck. So this headline got my lucky click!

Anatomy Sections (see image below)

1) Good Headline  “How Entrepreneurs Can Create Their Own Luck”

2) Quantity of likes   179

3) Quality of post means COMMENTS 27

4) Subject interest means shares 60

When people take the time to comment it appears there is more value in the post.  Even a quick comment like “Great read!” or “LikesUP!” is better than just a simple “like” or +1 if you are on Google Plus.



Go read the full article if it interests you by clicking on the image above.

After all, on the internet it is all about the click… To click or not to click… That is the question! #LikesUP

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