Likes UP: Android Celebrates 10,000,000,000 app download with G+ Hangout

Likes UP: Android Celebrates 10,000,000,000 app download with G+ Hangout @ 1:00pm


As of 1:00pm, December 9, 2011, there are 143067 people or pages that have Android in their circles.  You can define the name of your circle with a title that makes sense to you or your page. 

Android, on Google Plus, is described as “A place for Android fans everywhere to meet, share and get the latest on all things Android.”

Today at 1:00pm Pacific Android and Photobucket’s CEO, Tom Munro,gave an open invitation to hangout.  Android is celebrating their 10,000,000,000 app download.



Since the Google Plus hangout includes both audio and video you have a “reminder” to check your hair and make sure that your microphone works. 
Press the big green button “Hang Out” to join.


If you are lucky enough to get a spot and join the Google Plus hangout, you will see a screen like this that lets you know you are about to join the hangout.


Underneath the hangout there are controls for video, audio and other settings as well as the exit.

If you don’t get in you’ll get the “Aww…” screen.  Most likely, the hangout room is full.  You can also try again and hope that someone has dropped out and made space for you to join the hangout.




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