Likes UP Emoticon in Facebook Message and Chat

Likes UP Emoticon in Facebook Message and Chat

Likes Up focuses on the liking phenomenon and liking behavior both offline in real interactions and in social media online.

Facebook Emoticons, Text Feelings, and Smileys on Facebook in messages and chat replace face to fact connection. Emotions are not easily expressed with text. 

That “likes up” seal of approval often depicted by a thumbs up symbol can be created with =>  open bracket ( letter Y closed bracket ) Thumbs up 

In Facebook messages and chat, the likes up has the recognizable blue image.  Facebook uses the likes up “thumbs up” blue image at the entrance of the headquarters at the Menlo Park, CA campus. 

One amusing thing about the Facebook Likes Up is the long sleeve shirt cuff with button.  Isn’t Facebook and The Hacker Way more of a t-shirt and hoodie kind of place?



•  Likes Up Facebook symbols (thumbs up)
see here:

and here:


open bracket ( letter Y closed bracket )

List of all default Facebook emoticon codes
for chat and messages:

#LikesUP for Likes UP!


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