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Likes UP:  What is a Facebook Action Link?

Actions are the high-level “interactions” users can perform in your app.

When these high-level “interactions”are published, the activities may appear in a users’ Timeline or their friends’ News Feeds and Ticker. Open Graph Action Links show up alongside the Like and Comment actions in any Open Graph story allowing friends to quickly take action in response to a story without having to navigate away from that story. This in turn will drive more distribution to your app with fewer user clicks.

Story with Action Link:

Story after Action Link Clicked:

Action Links can be configured for a built-in action type or a custom action type. When the user takes the action, you should then publish a story against that action. The resulting Action Link story may be seen in the user’s Timeline, on their friends’ News Feed and Ticker.

Define Facebook Action Types

To define an Action Type, click on the “Create New Action Type” button in the Dashboard view and enter an action which describes a high-level social action users can do in your app.

Start typing the action into the action dialog to get started:

Configure Custom Action Types

Once you have defined the name of a custom action type, you are ready to configure its properties:

Define Action Type

How do you see using these Facebook Action Links on your Facebook Page?

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