Likes UP: Google Bar Has Arrived

Likes UP: Google Bar Has Arrived

I wrote about the Google Bar earlier this month and mine arrived today.   Using Google Chrome, if you are NOT logged in you will see the black menu on the left.













On the right you will see the sign in button to sign in with your Gmail account if you are NOT logged in.

If you ARE logged in you will see your name i.e. +Sherrie Rose beside the G+ icon. If you have notifications they will appear in a red box.


If you are logged in to your Gmail account, but are NOT using G+ you will see you name on the right on the Google Bar.  When you click the + Share button beside your profile image, you can immediately post to your Google Plus account from the Google Bar.  Add your text, photo, video, link, location and choose your circles, public, friends, etc. and press the share button.


Within Google Plus, you’ll see a Welcome message.  It shows the navigation with is the menu items such as Google search, images, maps, youtube, gmail, documents, etc.


Google Bar earlier article


Note: Google announced their new privacy policy and terms.  Proudly displayed below their search field with the text and link:
”We’re changing our privacy policy and terms. Not the usual yada yada. Learn more


#LikesUP for the new Google Bar



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