Likes UP: Google+ Events Just in Time For Friday’s Webinar

Likes UP: Google+ Events Just in Time For Friday’s Webinar

Google’s latest addition to its suite of features is events.  It syncs with Google calendar. There are several options to choose from for themes,  fields of information to be shared, and the best is adding a YouTube video link.


You can specify a specific location or you can add a link.  In the example below it is a link to the free webinar event.

There is also “party mode” where you can share photos instantly in real time.


The YouTube video can be played from the invitation.  You can add photos (this feature did not work when we tested it) and there is a button to share the event.  You can specify circles for people you invite.  You can change the settings.  The blue button “Are you going?” is displayed prominently and you have the choice to select, yes, no, or maybe.  You also add an official website for the event.



When you add a post now on Google+ you have the choice to add photos, video, event, or links.   You can select your circles (your distribution list) for your event.

Google  Events

#LikesUP for Google+ Events!

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