Likes UP: Google+ Local is replacing Google Local

Likes UP: Google+ Local is replacing Google Local

Yesterday, May 30th, you were probably pleasantly surprised to see the changes to your Google Local page or your clients’ Google local page.
Google has basically done away with Google Local pages. In following their consolidation theme, Google has replaced Places page with Google+ Local pages. The new pages are a lot more dynamic.  Some features are removed but it will positively impact search engine optimization for local businesses.  Google+ Local pages are now integrated across all Google properties, including mobile formats.

WHY IT IS HOT: The new Google+ Local pages are going to be indexed by Google’s search engine – that’s powerful. They are also going to be used across all Google properties. Get your Google+ Local page in order to benefit from some exciting marketing opportunities.  Visually the pages are very attractive.  They have a lot more visual interest, and they closely resemble (don’t be surprised) Facebook pages. There will be more interaction with Google+ Local page owners and customers and followers by taking of the social media features of G+.

MOBILE: There is a war in the mobile world as Apple and Android battle it out for local customers. Apple is doing away with Google Maps in favor of its own Maps app shortly. At that point, iOS users will have to download the Google+ app to take advantage of the new Google+ Local features.

Restaurants with mobile will be huge for Google+ Local.  Zagat Reviews – The star rating system is out, and Zagat reviews are in. The 30-point Zagat scoring system allows people to create more nuanced and informative reviews. The review format is now a lot more structured, and people must provide scores for service, food and atmosphere. The new scoring system is live, and you can see it on Google Maps, the regular Google search engine and Google+.

Missing: VIDEOS – Added your videos to YouTube or on your website as they don’t appear to show up on Google+ (at least at this time).


Notice in the image above the “Local Tab” on the left side of the page on Google+. By clicking on it, you are taken to a completely personalized local homepage. There is now a split search box. One side is for the type of business that you need, and the other is for the location.

The personalization feature is part of the Circles Filter.  As you browse through Google+ Local pages, you can filter the content that you find to only return results by people who are within your circles. This lets you quickly see what your friends and acquaintances are saying about specific businesses.  Recommend and comment wisely!

#LikesUP for Google+ Local Pages

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