Likes UP: “Know-Like-Trust” Factor

Likes UP: “Know-Like-Trust” Factor

Know-Like-Trust Factor runs much deeper than you are probably aware of.When you don’t like or trust someone, you probably don’t feel comfortable giving them your money and putting yourself in their hands no matter what the product or service is. We like to give business to those people we like and those we trust and have a sense that we know. Simple as that.

You circle of influence is your current and former colleagues, family and friends; people already in your life. Now, that being said, we have a greater likelihood of attracting lots of new clients and referrals from those who already know us, like us and trust us.

People who know us, like us and trust us automatically become ADVOCATES for us. They give is a verbal or silent “LIKES UP”!!!


These people can attest to you as a reliable person and can probably rave about your services if they’ve experienced them. Reputation starts with liking.

This is extremely valuable and should not be overlooked when building your business and setting out to attract new clients through networking. Liking is a people business.

Likes UP in Business Networking:
Start by thinking about those people whom you know, like AND trust.Don’t you find it easier to send them referrals than those you don’t?

Shift your thinking to create relationships (that’s the basis of Relationship Riches™) for the long term, with the main objective being TRUST. Take every action to make this happen and you’re on your way to becoming a veritable Networking Guru who gets a big LIKES UP when someone thinks of you, talks about you, and engages with you in social media.

Want to learn more? Read a couple books on Relationship Marketing. Mari Smith has a great book The NEW RELATIONSHIP MARKETING. It is simply a great HOW-TO on how to get clients consistently with a 9-Step method that works not only for one person, but for hundreds of private clients. Learn how to network so that you get great results from it and feel authentically “you” the whole time.  Remember there are differences networking with members of the opposite sex. Check out the book, Business Networking and Sex.

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Sherrie Rose, The Liking Authority™

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