Likes UP: Mari Smith Social Authority, 5 Cs Webinar, Credibility and Facebook

Likes UP:  Mari Smith Social Authority, 5 Cs, Credibility, and Facebook

5 Facebook Marketing Strategies

On a webinar, Mari Smith spoke about steps to have a successful marketing strategy on Facebook. This webinar mapped out clear steps for a compelling Facebook campaign.

The 5 “C’s help you effectively market your Facebook page—clarity, content, connection, campaign and conversion.

The best part is that it is simple! In an age where time is money, what can be better than minimizing time spent on social media? In this webinar, Mari highlighted the 5 key points for great Facebook marketing:

1. Clarity

Start by customizing your Facebook page to what you think your intended audience will like. There are so many different ways to do this through calls to action, landing tabs, and personal branding. Clarity also involves being engaging and playful. Ask yourself: why do you want to attract a certain audience?

2. Content

Make sure your posts are always appropriate, and to the point. Most people have short attention spans, so pique their interest while you can! Remember that photos, images, and videos have a higher edgerank. Someone wants to know right away whether this is an article I should read or not. Content lets readers know if you are an authority with original content or a curator gathering other’s content on a specific subject. Both influence your fans.

3. Connection

Almost everyone wants to feel connected with people, companies, and brands when they are on Facebook. Engage your fans. Respond to their posts, even if it is days later. People want to know they matter.

4. Campaign

Tell your fans about upcoming promotions, contests, information, and more. Keep them coming back. Make them excited to go to your page! Create timed engagement like one fanpage did every Tuesday at noon, had a contest to win a particular hot item. That was a great campaign that kept me coming back every week. I mean, who wouldn’t love a free iPad, dinner for two, or trip?

5. Conversion

Let people know what they have to do (call to action). Make your page appealing enough to cause a viewer to convert to a fan. Have free giveaways! Are you at a loss for effective ways to do this? View other successful Facebook pages. Get ideas from other thriving pages. If your company is know for logos or graphics perhaps offer “fan downloads” such as: wallpaper, screensavers, and emoticons. What better way to appeal to the audience, and convert them from likers to fanatics?

With the 5 “C”s you can become an authority in your on social media world. Webinars provide a platform to get your message out.

If your message is “picked up” you can end up in a studio. You become the authority. You become the expert. See Mari express her credibility and the 5Cs and more in this 1 hour long video:



See more on Mari Smith 2012 Facebook webinar:



#Likes UP: Convert social likes into social love and into social commerce. 


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