Likes UP: Like has more meaning- Replacing Facebook Fans with Liking Brands



Facebook Users “Like” a Page to Become a Fan, not “Become a Fan” of a Facebook Business Page

Changing terminology means page owners will want more LIKES on a  Facebook Business Page

Facebook Wants You to “Like” Brands

Articles from 2010 on the changes on Facebook Pages

Inside Facebook Story on Likes on Pages

“People will soon connect with your Brand Pages by clicking ‘Like’ rather than ‘Become a Fan,” the company recently began telling advertising agencies about the change.
”People already ‘Like’ their friends’ status updates, photos and links everyday. In fact, people click “Like” almost two times more than they click “Become a Fan” everyday,” Facebook’s update days.

Mashable Story on Facebook “Likes” for Brands

Facebook is alerting advertisers to the impending change by explaining that “Like” links offer “a simple, consistent way for people to connect with the things they are interested in … in fact, people click “Like” almost two times more than they click “Become a Fan” everyday.”

In March 2010 Mashable uses the language FAN “For more social media coverage, follow Mashable Social Media on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook”


#LikesUP – To Click or Not to Click. That is the question…

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