Likes UP: Webinars to Demo and to Sell

Likes UP: Webinars to Demo and to Sell

The show and tell aspect of educating webinar participants (also called webinar attendees or students) is very important to demonstrate software.  After a webinar, presenter or host may provide a replay link or share it on YouTube.  Here’s a great example a webinar to demonstrate software. (Be advised it is over an hour long)

Some webinars are educational and there is an offer at the end to sign up for a product, course or service.

Here’s an ad on Linked In for a webinar:


Here’s the Linked In optin to grab your email address (with permission). This appears along side the webinar registration page.


Here’s a basic webinar landing page with headline, 3 bullet points, date, registration, and presenter bio.


Here’s a webinar landing page about a Facebook advertising system.  This webinar shows details within the Facebook advertising area to demonstrate how to create Facebook ads, best practices, and metrics.  At the conclusion of the free webinar is an opportunity to buy the Facebook Advertising Course with more details to become a pro!


Facebook is a popular webinar subject. Facebook courses using webinars to deliver the course materials can use a combination of live video and screen demonstrations to show the software.














These webinars can be live or recorded.  Recorded webinars cut out the unnecessary delays and have cleaner transitions between live video and screen demonstrations of Facebook.


One of the things that you’ll see on Facebook is the offer to join a webinar.  This can be an event, a link, and cross promotion through other social media outlets.  The Webinar Way is the #1 to promote, sell, and educate on the World Wide Web.

Find The Webinar Way on Facebook: and feel free to promote your webinar on the Facebook Webinar page.



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