[LIVE Webinar] 10 Critical Tests To Double Leads & Sales…

How much time do you put to constantly test and tweak every little detail of your sales funnels to get the highest possible conversions?

…and, most importantly, it means more leads and sales.

In fact, Justin Rondeau has optimization campaigns that have generated an additional $137,308 from EXISTING traffic and resources…

and an additional 27,223 leads — again from traffic and resources that he already had at Digital Marketer.

All this came with NO outside tech help… and as we scale up our optimization efforts, this will grow exponentially (I like that — a lot).

Even better, he’ll show YOU how you can do the same thing… with traffic and resources you already have.

The Result:

He’s identified the Top 10 most critical tests you need to run in 2016…

…that can DOUBLE your leads and sales.

Join Justin this Wednesday, February 24th at 3:00 pm Eastern for a brand new LIVE webinar titled (you guessed it):

“Test This NOW: 10 Critical Tests To DOUBLE Your Leads & Sales in 2016”

Reserve your spot here:

And a special BONUS for joining us LIVE…

…Justin will be giving you access to his “Optimization Must-Haves” PDF that lists the tools he uses when he’s testing and optimizing.

It’s a simple breakdown of the tools he considers “Must Haves” as well as the tools he considers “Nice To Haves” as well.

And before you ask…

…NO, this webinar isn’t just for “information publishers”!

The test results he’s going to share with you can and HAVE been used in almost every type of business I can think of…

  • Digital publishing businesses, check
  • Physical products & eCommerce businesses, check
  • Consultants & service providers, check
  • Brick & mortar business, check

This stuff just flat out works (we’ve got PROOF!)

So if you want to hear what we’ve figured out and see how to deploy it in your business, you need to reserve your spot on this free training right now.


There will be NO REPLAY and NO RECORDING made available, so if you do not attend live, you will miss out.

Don’t wait for your competition to get their hands on this — get a first-mover advantage for your business

…so join Justin this Wednesday and be prepared to take a lot of notes.

But hurry, because space is limited and you will miss out if you don’t act fast:

10 Critical Tests

See you there,
Sherrie Rose
on behalf of Digital Marketer and Ryan Deiss


P.S. During the webinar you’ll learn:

  • The “O.F.T.V Landing Page Scoring Method” to spot check all of your landing pages and boost campaign performance…
  • The “Boot-Strapped Personalization Method” that got us 22k more leads and ~$70k in sales (and why you need to invest in personalization this year)…
  • Why common practices ARE your friend (and how you can use them to meet customer expectations and SKYROCKET conversions while bypassing the long research process)…
  • Exactly how to run these 10 critical tests (and how to report them to your boss or clients)…

…and so much more!

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