The Space In-Between

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Look at a diagram that shows all possible logical relations between a finite collection of different sets and you’ll see a Venn Diagram.

The diagram shows the space in-between or shared area.  The example below shows the gray area in the diagram by Vishen Lakhiani runs Mind Valley in Kuala Lumpur.


If you’ve been involved in the debate about "Guns vs. No Guns" in the U.S… then read this Facebook post by Vishen. 

Over the weekend I dedicated my FB page to bring more awareness to gun violence in America. This is the key thing I learned from the 1200+ comments the posts generated.

First, I did this because I care deeply about the lives lost to mass shootings which occur on almost a daily basis in America. I’ve met a mom who lost her child at Sandy Hook. He was my son’s age. I can’t imagine the grief.

And I agree with the President’s statement that America as a nation cannot just let this be ‘routine’.

But here’s what I notice. America’s biggest problem is not gun violence. Or abortions. Or illegal immigrants. Rather it’s an inability to ‘listen’ to the opposite site and see the commonalities. Almost every major issue in the news is reported in stark black or white. Right or Left.

Yet often, the answer is found in the space in-between – within the shades of grey.

Anti-gun advocates scream for the removal of all guns so we’re all safer.

Pro-gun advocates scream that guns are needed for us to be safer.

Both are flawed arguments. Because no conclusive evidence exists for either.

But notice what we have in common. Both want all of us to be ‘safer.’

The media trains us to see things as Left or Right. And to see the other side through a lens of "Us vs Them" that is so strong that we forget that the other side are also rational, good human beings.

Just with a different news source.

I tried an experiment. I posted a stat on Gun violence and stated that "We should not take away guns as they are a big part of the American psyche".

Yet almost also the disagreeable comments I got missed this point and ranted about how owning guns was a constitutional right.

So how do you start solving the gun issue? Focus on the grey zone that both gun advocates and anti-gun advocates agree upon. And it has to do with making guns safer.

87% of gun OWNERS support criminal background or “Brady” checks for all gun purchases.

But by April 2013, when the Senate considered a bill to do just that, the N.R.A. helped defeat it. Today gun and ammo companies are protected by laws so absurd that they cannot be held accountable for poor safety or stronger background checks.

As a result guns fall into the wrong hands. Professor Webster argues that smarter gun policies could reduce murder rates by up to 50 percent – that’s 5000 American lives saved a year.

Yet few people focus on this singular issue because both sides are screaming at each other.

If America got its act together and focused on solving the simple issue of better background checks plus accountability for gun dealers and manufacturers, we can go a long way to saving lives. And the best part is that BOTH sides already agree on this.

The best ideas are rarely black or white. Instead you find them in the shades of in-between grey. And you learn to see the grey when you listen more and scream less and seek to find commonalities with the other side and not obsess on the differences.

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It was a Wednesday afternoon when I walked into Starbucks that day nearly six years ago. I stood at the bar, waiting for my drink, when the barista politely asked me what I was up to that day. As it turns out, I was en route to the airport at that moment…about to catch a flight to Italy with my husband. After a brief minute of chatting, the barista handed me my coffee and wished me a nice trip. “But then again”, she said “why wouldn’t you…your life is golden!”


I’ll admit…the gold star was nice. But at the same time, the words knocked the wind out of me. She wasn’t being rude. She wasn’t being sarcastic. In fact, she was being totally genuine. And that’s the part that really took my breath away.

Because here’s the thing…

This lovely girl saw me for all of five minutes a day. Usually all dressed up on the way to my full-time job at one of the country’s most prestigious art galleries. Or with my camera in hand to photograph two people in love. Or, yes, on my way to Italy for ten days to celebrate my anniversary. This is what she saw. Therefore, this is what she knew.

75,608 likes and 43,441 shares and 515 comments #likesup Original Facebook post on Sept 30th by Genevieve Smyth


And truth be told, there is darkness in this kind of knowledge. Especially now, when so many of our connections happen only five minutes at a time…fully filtered and perfectly hash tagged. In our defense though, it’s not entirely our fault. That battle we’re fighting…those rough days were having…they don’t tend to translate very well when you have twenty people in line behind you for coffee or a hundred and forty characters to spell out your day.

Honestly, what was I going to tell my barista?

“Yes, we’re flying to Europe. I just miscarried our baby…we had a terrifying health scare…I’m suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder…and we’re feeling pretty far from God right now. So, yeah, going to Italy seemed as good a place as any to just run away from our life and justifiably eat gelato twelve times a day.”

No. I wasn’t going to tell her this. Because shocking total strangers into oblivion is a bit harsh and cruel. Especially when she’s the girl in charge of making your coffee every day.

But I did spend the entirety of that flight wondering; about our sense of authenticity…our collective vulnerability…our polished identity. And it made me feel like a total fraud. Because I’m not any of those things that this girl sees on the other side of her coffee bar.

If I showed up one morning, wearing my most ragged and scarred self…it would be a very different girl staring back at her [and she would likely feel inclined to serve me alcohol instead of coffee!]…

Because I was bullied a lot as a teenager.

I’m afraid of thunderstorms.

I spend an absurd amount of time worrying about what other people think of me.

My biggest challenge in life is letting go of people. Even if they hurt me.

I hide behind my humor for fear that people won’t accept me without it.

I feel like I have failed as a daughter.

I try to avoid big groups so that I won’t feel like the invisible one among it.

I’m insanely self-conscious of my smile.

I feel like I’m an easy person to walk away from in life…and it haunts me on a daily basis.

I almost always operate under the assumption that I care more about everyone else than they do about me.

I unfollow people on Instagram if their life seems too perfect because it makes me feel inadequate.

I feel like a terrible mother pretty much all the time.

I hate emptying the dishwasher.

Every day, I’m afraid that my husband is going to wake up and finally realize how much crazy he married.

I thank God for every day that he doesn’t!

I don’t like to try new foods…so I travel with my own jar of peanut butter.

I want to write a book so badly that it hurts. But I’m afraid of people telling me that my life was never worth telling.

I struggle, every single day, with feeling like I’m enough. Skinny enough. Funny enough. Good enough.

And I cry. A lot.

I highly doubt I would get a gold star for any of this. But, now, six years later, I do know one thing for sure; that even with all of my frailty…all of my fears…and all my faults…none of those things make my life any less golden.

Scars tell stories. Scars mean survival. Scars mean you showed up for the fight instead of running from it.

And we’ve all got them…even the sweet girl serving my coffee. She’s fighting her own battle…defending her own front line…struggling in her own way.

And maybe it’s not about collecting gold stars for the perceived reality we give the world on Facebook…but it’s about the purple hearts we get for living bravely among the real one.

Because life requires guts…it requires bravery…and it requires vulnerability.

So, buy your coffee…wear your scars proudly…and carry on, dear soldier…

You’re not in this battle alone.

Source Facebook Post  Genevieve Smyth

Instacuration #instacuration #likesup

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Revealed on the webinar “The Secret Marketing Method The Gurus Ignored"

Instagram Stats To Explode Your Earnings!

  • 300 million monthly active users
  • 30 billion photos shared to date
  • 70 million photos shared per day
  • 2.5 billion Likes daily
  • 61% of users Like at least 1 photo/video a day
  • 30% of users Like over 10 photo/video a day
  • 64% of users are women, 36% men
  • 73% of users are aged 15-35
  • 70% of users have taken part in a contest
  • 33% of users think the easiest way to enter a contest is to post with an official hashtag
  • 76% of users say that receiving Likes encourages them to publish more
  • 65% of users would feel flattered/honored if a brand Liked their post
  • 48% of users are professional
  • 53% of posts have at least 1 hashtag
  • 73% of brands post at least 1 photo or video per week
  • 88% of brand posts include at least 1 hashtag
  • Posts with at least 1 hashtag average 12.6% more engagement
  • 37% of users follow between 1-5 brand accounts
  • 32% of follow 5+ brand accounts
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How to Create High Closing Webinars, Grow Your List & Covert More

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Webinars.  When it comes to The Webinar Way, everyone potential partner wants to know if yours converts… specifically, does your webinar close the sale? Or does your webinar close on the intended action such as fill out an application form or make a phone call if it is a two-step close.

Are you intrigued about the whole idea of doing webinars? You may have attended a webinar so you know that a webinar is so much more than a teleseminar because of the screen presentation options and engagement possibilities. You run a webinar that is a personal “watch me talk” speaker-style video with Google Hangouts (used inside many platforms such as Webinar Ninja and Webinar Jam. Or you can do a power point or keynote presentation and share your screen or walk your audience through a tutorial or demo.

Webinar way

Webinars can be recorded or they can be live. They can have different objectives. There are many things to consider.  Some are tech related, some are focused on the actual presentation. You need to attract your audience to get people to attend your webinar because nothing generates more qualified leads than webinars. In summary, the key objective is to create a killer webinar that closes.

Why Webinars?

Webinars bring a great deal of benefit to you. So, Why Webinars?

  • They are great for building your authority, raising your credibility, and elevating brand recognition.
  • Other than live or meeting face to face, they are the best tools by far for connecting with your audience.
  • You attract traffic to your website.
  • They can be used to do a product launch.
  • You can use a webinar to create a MVP – minimum viable product to test it.
  • It can form your digital product.
  • They can be used in a membership site.
  • You can use them for group coaching.
  • Because they combine video and audio, they are also good for product demonstrations.

That being said, there two main reasons for using webinars.

#1 Build your super-targeted list

You can use webinars just for building your list. Nothing generates more qualified leads than webinars. They are super-hot. You can offer webinar replays as a freebie offer. People will have to give you their email address to access the webinar. You could also do a series of webinars and send the links to the recordings via your auto-responder such as Get Response.

Live webinars are another great option for list building. You create a landing page for your webinar and promote it on social media, on your own blog, and doing some guest posting to build a buzz around it. Feel free to tell people in advance that this is a value-packed, free training with so sales pitch at the end, if you truly don’t have an offer for them.

The promotion leading up to the webinar is really important. The fact that it is going to be at a certain date and a time turns it into an event. People will mark that time in the calendars because they are excited about attending live and being able to see and hear you and also be able to ask you questions and get the answers on the spot. People know that there are many others attending live and that is a very powerful thing.

#2 Sell your product or service

Webinars are great for selling your product or services and they make you a bunch of money very quickly. If you know how to structure your webinar right, you can convert many people while they are still on the webinar. You get an immediate boost in sales. You can make a special offer at the end and give an extra incentive for people to buy.

The issue for most people tends to be how to keep people till the end of the webinar. People tend to take too long to get to the point. If you show them upfront what you have planned for them and what you will be delivering, really make it worth their time, then they are more likely to stay. Don’t shy away from selling.

Let’s look at how to create a webinar that converts. Many people create a sign-up for their first webinar and then complain that not many people sign up or nobody shows up live.

If you are new to webinars, and you don’t have a stellar reputation yet, know that your webinars won’t attract thousands of people straightaway. It is perfectly fine for twenty people to show up live on the call. Think of it as your practice run.

But also continue to improve your webinars and landing pages so that you are getting more people every time. Here are some tips for you to highly increase your chances of getting more seats filled.

Consider your audience

Who are you creating this webinar for? Really define your audience. Who is the person you are speaking to? What problem are you solving?

The better you understand your audience, the better are your chances of really striking a chord with this demographic. Your messaging will really resonate with them and they will be compelled to sign up and show up.

Create an irresistible title that draws them in

This is where most people go wrong. They will say something like – I am doing a class on healthy eating at so and so time, please attend and then wonder why nobody shows up.

There are two things wrong with this: one, the topic is too broad. Second, there is no immediate outcome for your attendees. This is not specific enough, not catchy.  You need a hook. Something that is so irresistible to your ideal audience that they cannot not register for the webinar. You can hold a webinar on ‘How to plan your weekly gluten-free meals on a budget in 45 minutes or less’ and that’s a different story altogether.

Ask yourself what outcome or result does your audience really want. Then promise them that and explain how you will deliver that on the webinar, this way you are sure to get them excited about it. They will be more compelled to register. Even if they don’t attend live, you still have their details and you can always send them the recording afterwards.

Choose a topic that is in demand and has been popular on your blog. Choose a topic where people ask you lots of questions and you have something super beneficial to offer. Make sure you make a strong promise and then deliver on that promise. Make sure it is goal-oriented. It should inspire your attendee to take action. It should be concrete, specific and something that can be put to action straightaway. People won’t sign up for knowledge but they will sign up for action-packed training, something that will help them get closer to solving a problem or achieving a goal.

Create a killer landing page

  • Create a very simple webinar registration page with a clear call to action.
  • As I said earlier, work on your title as it is super important. Take the hype out and really spell the benefit. Get them excited before they even attend the webinar.
  • Add some curiosity building elements to your headline. Tease them with what’s to come. Tease them with what they are going to get. People want to satisfy their hunger, their cravings, they want to find out the answers. This will make people want to turn up and find out.
  • Add compelling bullet points that highlight the benefits of attending and also give them sneak peeks into what will happen but don’t give everything away. This will really help your conversion rates go up.
  • Give them a link to sign up and double check it. (There are many options on the market such as GotoWebinar being the most popular one, Webinar Jam that works on Google Hangouts and plugins such as Easy Webinar plugin. Choose one that suits your requirements in terms of budget and number of attendees expected.)
  • Create some urgency (when the webinar is on and if there will be any recordings) and scarcity (only so many lines available).
  • Schedule webinars at a convenient time for most people. If you are attracting International audiences, it will be worth offering two different times and allowing people to choose. This way you will cater to the needs of most people. Be really clear about the time zones to minimize confusion.

The time of your webinar depends on your audience. Entrepreneurs are different than corporate employees. Busy mothers are different than retired folks. Sometimes scheduling webinars in the middle of the day when people are still working and not too close to the time when they have to leave makes sense. Other times evenings and weekends are better. There is also the international audience to consider and perhaps holding the webinar at multiple times.

  • You also don’t want your webinars to be too long. If you want one for list building purposes, 30 minutes will work well for most people, but if you are planning to sell on your webinars, 60 minute is a good time for your main presentation, your pitch followed by Q/A which might exceed the actual time.

Promote your webinar the right way

  • Demonstrate that you are an authority in your field so that people are really interested in attending your webinars. Write guest posts for the leading blogs to get in front of their audiences and also reap rewards by getting the indirect endorsement form the host blogger.
  • Publish a post about your upcoming webinar on your blog and create a side banner for it.
  • Send multiple emails to your list and ask people to sign up or forward them to their friends.
  • Ask people to sign up on various social media platforms. Create a fun visual to go with your promotion.
  • Design your social media updates to show that you have the answers to their problems that you will help solve on the webinar. Prove that your webinar has what people need.
  • Build curiosity and give people a reason to register and discover something new.
  • Consider running paid promotion such as a Facebook ads.
  • If you have a high profile guest on your webinar, ask them to promote it to their audience.
  • Make sure you add the social sharing buttons on the landing page and encourage people to share the link.
  • Send multiple email reminders to people who have signed up.

Deliver a stellar presentation

  • Get online 10 -15 minutes early to set things up and test everything beforehand. Greet people who show up early.
  • Leave a slide up with the title and the time you will start so people don’t ask you repeatedly if they are late. Always start on time.
  • Make sure everybody can hear you and see your presentation.
  • Don’t forget to hit the record button. Get rid of all the distractions.
  • Don’t start with a long, drawn out introduction. Don’t make the whole presentation about yourself or a sales pitch. Don’t be like those sleazy Internet marketers who spend 20 minutes talking about how they made millions in their business and name drop and basically the whole presentation is a disguised, prolonged sales pitch. Surprise them – get to the heart of the matter quickly. Otherwise you will lose them.
  • If you intend to sell a product or service at the end, mention it briefly so you are totally upfront about it. You can say something like, if you want to go deeper than I have a special offer for you at the end.
  • Follow the golden rule of communication. Tell them what you are going to teach them in this presentation. Teach it. Tell them what you taught them. This will get your attendees super clear on your webinar. Unless you are crystal clear on the goal, people will leave and your webinar will fail.
  • Talk about their problem and frustrations. Let them know you understand.
  • Promise them something new. Give them something they can put into action immediately, now so they can experience the result before they purchase and then ease into your product or service as the best solution for their problem.
  • Give them tons of useful content that they can use even if they don’t buy anything at the end. Give them handouts and worksheets they can fill out while they listen to you.
  • Add personal stories to the mix but keep it relevant. Make sure your stories add something to the presentation and have a point. This will deeply resonate with the right audience and encourage them to stick around to the end.
  • Use visuals to make your presentation interesting. If you are using slides, include images and don’t cram them with text. You want to jot down the main points for reference but don’t want to put everything to distract people. You want them to be listening to you. Slides are just an aid – they should never take their attention off you.
  • Add value and interact. Keep your attendees interested by asking questions, by keeping them engaged, by doing quizzes. Ask people to take a certain action and come back and report it.
  • Call out people by their names and say which part of the world they are from. Create the feeling of a live event where hundreds of people are listening in.
  • Ask people to share their insights using Twitter hashtags.
  • Make sure you deliver your best. Don’t waste people’s time, it will affect your reputation.
  • If you structured your webinar well, and presented everything clearly, your audience will be hungry to learn more. Do a concise wrap up and give them a clear call to action. If this is a free, list building webinar, point them to additional resources. If you want to sell on this webinar, it is time to make an offer.

Don’t be shy to sell

  • Have an offer ready for the end but don’t go into it selling. Deliver content and conversation first. Spend some time explaining the benefits of your products and how it can help the people. Don’t be shy about it, you aren’t doing anything wrong here.
  • People attend a live webinar and fully expect to be sold to. If they don’t want to buy, they probably won’t stick around for the pitch and that’s fine. They came for the training and they got it. You have helped them even if they haven’t bought anything from you – this time. For the others who are on the call – they are interested in what you have to say – and sell. So tell them.
  • Showcase your expertise. Give them something insanely useful and then offer a product discount at the end for only those who buy now. It is a great incentive and a reward for people who stayed till the end to get a better deal.
  • Build value. Don’t just talk about how excited you are and how good your offering is – tell them how it will work for them. Show how much time, or money they are going to save, or how they will get something they desperately desire. Drill deep into the benefits.
  • Create urgency. Put a time limit on the discount offer or the free consultation you might be offering. Let people know they’ve got to take action now or miss out on this opportunity.
  • Have a clear call to action. Give them the URL of the sales page. Tell them to go there now.
  • Answer their objections in the Q/A session. Help people get off the fence by seeing if your offer is right for them.
  • Keep in mind even if you don’t make a single sale, webinars go a long way in creating trust in your audience. So you might not get high conversions straightaway but keep at it.
  • Follow up with the attendees if they don’t buy on the webinar. Ask them for feedback. Ask them what you can help them with in the future. Remind them that the offer is still available when possible. Don’t get them to sign up and then never contact them again – this is wasting all of your effort. Keep them in the loop.

If you do everything right, you should start to see your webinar seats fill up quickly. Nervous still? Here are some tips for you if you are a complete beginner:

  • Start small, you probably won’t get a thousand people on your first webinar.
  • Practice.
  • Have confidence in your topic. If you really know your topic, you will feel confident no matter what.
  • If you get more nervous with a script, don’t have one. Refer to your notes instead.
  • Have a partner who might be more experienced or extroverted if you are shy.
  • Have a guest who has the authority to get the ‘halo effect’ or borrow some of theirs.

Webinars, when done right, are the best tools for building your email list with super-hot leads as well as selling a lot of product in a short period of time.

Give it a try. You might fall in love with webinars. It’s The Webinar Way

Originally by Marya Jan and our friends at Get Response – Email Automation to build your list.  Try Get Response today!


Introducing Facebook Closest Friends Feed #LikesUP

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A News Feed of Your Closest Friends

Go straight to photos and updates from the friends you care about most. Skip the news from acquaintances you don’t know well.

How do I add friends to my Close Friends list?

You can add friends to your Close Friends list to see more of them in your News Feed and get a notification each time they post. You also have the option to turn these notifications off.

To add friends to your Close Friends list from your home page:

  1. In the left menu of your home page, scroll down to the Friends section
  2. Click More, then click Close Friends
  3. In the top right, enter names of friends you want to add in the Add friends to this list box

Or, you can add a friend from their profile:

  1. Click Friends on their cover photo
  2. Select Close Friends

You’ll automatically get notifications when people on your Close Friends list post to Facebook, but you can turn notifications off or adjust the types of notifications you receive:

  1. In the top-right of Facebook, click in the top-right and select Settings.
  2. Click Notifications in the left column.
  3. Click Close Friend Activity.
  4. Select On Facebook to enable notifications, or Off to turn off notifications



How do I use friend lists to organize my friends?

To help you get started, you have lists for:

    Close Friends: You can add your best friends to this list to see more of them in your News Feed and get notified each time they post. You also have the option to turn these extra notifications off.

    Acquaintances: The Acquaintances list is for friends you’d like to see less of in your News Feed. When you add a friend to your Acquaintances list, their posts will appear less frequently in your News Feed. You can also choose to exclude these people when you post something, by choosing Friends except Acquaintances in the audience selector.

    Restricted: This list is for people you’ve added as a friend but just don’t want to share with, like your boss. When you add someone to your Restricted list, they will only be able to see your Public content or posts of yours that you tag them in.

To access these lists, scroll down to Friends on the left side of your News Feed. Hover over Friends and click More.


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