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The Ultimate Coaching Quest

There is a quest in The Coach Revolution and one of the sought after “prizes” is a coaching business that offers the lifestyle you desire. Imagine growing your business quickly, in a way that feels FUN—so it runs smoothly and profitably while you focus on coaching. It IS possible! Step …

The Coach Revolution, Coach training program

Can one training program impact a coach’s life and business?

One of the top reasons business owners and C-suite level players want to a coach is because they want to balance their executive life. There is change afoot and now is more and more acceptable to hire a coach to help you excel and exceed your current circumstance both in …

The Fight for a Coach’s Business Building Dollars

http://launchyourbrand.pagedemo.co/Two Frames of Reference 1) Start with a website.  A personal branding coach would recommend developing your brand and your website.   Jeff Carter is a professional personal branding coach who works specifically with coaches.  Jeff understands that how you come across online on your website and social media will affect …

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