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Love in wold of likes poodle

Love in a World of Likes #LikesUP

Do you LIKE it?  Like, by one definition, is used to convey a person’s attitude or feelings, and online it is in the form of a Likes UP.  Usually a symbol shown as a thumbs up. But, there is a greater, more powerful emotion, LOVE.  Due to popular demand, Facebook …

persuasion #likesup

Liking Authority and the Science of Persuasion

Likes UP! Like is such a popular word and has become the symbol of social approval and acceptance with the hand and thumb pointing up as in the Likes UP logo. This is the “find agreeable, enjoyable, or satisfactory” verb form of the word like. “I like you.” Joe Girard …

Likes UP: Who Do You Trust; Who Trusts You?

Likes UP: Who Do You Trust; Who Trusts You? Will YOU convert our world’s crisis of trust into a great opportunity? Find out in the book, “Smart Trust,” and it will – I promise – forever alter your  worldview – on yourself and everyone else you interact with… Oh yes, …

Likes UP: “Know-Like-Trust” Factor

Likes UP: “Know-Like-Trust” Factor Know-Like-Trust Factor runs much deeper than you are probably aware of.When you don’t like or trust someone, you probably don’t feel comfortable giving them your money and putting yourself in their hands no matter what the product or service is. We like to give business to …

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