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Love in wold of likes poodle

Love in a World of Likes #LikesUP

Do you LIKE it?  Like, by one definition, is used to convey a person’s attitude or feelings, and online it is in the form of a Likes UP.  Usually a symbol shown as a thumbs up. But, there is a greater, more powerful emotion, LOVE.  Due to popular demand, Facebook …

Likes UP: Making Your Customers Fall Madly… Deeply… Hopelessly In Love (or Like) With You…

How To Get Them To l-o-v-e you! Though the miles that separate us are many… examples of Love more fulfilling are few. And this is the time that love naturally fills the air that we breathe. Okay… I’m not really one for the Hallmark created moments in our lives, so… …

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