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When Your Ads, Offers, and Marketing Stop Working

In memoriam in 2006, AOL ceased the CD program. So what? “You’ve got mail!” greeting from America Online became the 1998 movie title with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. AOL (originally America Online) merged with Time Warner in 2000 and in 2015 Verizon purchased AOL. Travis Mojo says graveyards are …

3 Keys To Unstoppable Marketing Momentum

In an increasingly crowded market, your marketing message must have these three (3) factors: => Consistency => Simplicity => Variety Miss on any one of these 3 and you’ll get lost in the crowd! “But how do I make sure my marketing is consistent, simple, and has variety?” That’s not …

Seductive Webinar Title

7 Ways to Create a Seductive Webinar Title

Likes UP: 7 Ways to Create a Seductive Webinar Title Webinars with seductive titles attract more people. The most useful information on a webinar will not be seen or heard if the title of your webinar is boring. This is basic copywriting 101 starting with a powerful headline. Here are …

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