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LikesUP: The Webinar Way to YouTube Riches with Casey Zeman

Casey Zeman’s YouTube formula nets him $300k-a-year. Today’s your last chance to see how to copy his YouTube formula… Casey made 6-figures last year from YouTube by consulting companies like Estee Lauder and Dell. He also applies his YouTube strategy to his info product business because it’s the easiest way …

Likes UP: New Meaning for Facts Tell, STORIES SELL (Webinar)

Register for Jo Barne’s Webinar at no-cost to you. Jo was featured yesterday on LikesUP.com on the story on Facebook Offers – Likes UP: Facebook Offers The webinar is entitled, “Ads are Good, Stories are BETTER” “We are in the middle of a Big Transition from Ads to Stories” This …

Do NOT Hold A Webinar! 5 Reasons You Need to Meet In Person

Likes UP: Do NOT Hold A Webinar – 5 Reasons You Need to Meet 1. You’re off the record. 2. Make use of not-so-small talk. 3. Make an impression 4. Read the body language. 5. Learn where the action is. Read full story by René Shimada Siegel Feb 29, 2012 …

Likes UP: The Future Is Based On Mobile Marketing!

Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook all know…  the future is based on mobile marketing. Not only that – even printers are taking notice because they find that More and more people want to print from mobile devices. Schools are being fully equipped with iPads. The future is MOBILE because… EVERYONE IS NOW USING THESE …

Likes UP: The Webinar Way to Teach & Share with Mari Smith Promoting Facebook 2012

Likes UP: The Webinar Way For Global Reach to Teach & Share with Mari Smith’s Webinar Promoting Facebook 2012 “What You Need To Know” Likes UP for massive sharing with likes, +1, tweets and social media liking on Mari Smith’s page.  Click the image below to get to The Webinar …

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