The #1 Most Effective Conversion Boosting Strategy In The World!

Did you know that the most effective way to boost your conversions and overall sales, is by using webinars?

It’s true… And ALL the best marketers know it.

Lead generating webinars carry a HUGE benefit over other marketing vehicles because they let you reach out and engage customers in a way that traditional sales presentations just can’t match.

Imagine being able to generate a year’s worth of income, in ONE day!

With webinars, it’s possible. Many business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and other people do it almost every month. This is not about making big claims I do want you to realize the great potential webinars have to offer, for ANY type of business.

One of the best ways to build relationships and have people get to know, like and trust you is a webinar.

Hi, Sherrie Rose here.

I’m the author of the book, The Webinar Way, and #1 Rated Webinar Coach. I love what I do! I help webinar presenters do two things: 1. Get started fast, then 2. Scale up to grow your audience, so you can help more people, make more money, and expand your reach.

I coach thought leaders to quickly create powerful webinars so they can win business, share their message and provide massive value without the tech overwhelm or seeming pushy. I am the creator of the training program, The Power of Webinars.

In this blog article, I will share with you the mini “blueprint” that Mark Thompson uses to create webinars. These are series of steps to go through each time you create a webinar for lead generation or sales. Mark is not trying to promote a coaching program, but he does have a webinar platform, that we’ll mention later.

This includes:

1. Setting The Stage. An enticing promise designed to keep attendees on the webinar from start to finish backed up by a credible background story and the promise of a big opportunity.

2. Story & Positioning. Tell an engaging background story, provide TONS of free value, and have your prospects imagine a great future… With YOUR product or service.

3. The sale. Overcome objections, show some case studies and testimonials, and finally present your irresistible offer.

Each of these sections is broken down into a series of easy-to-digest steps that you can implement easily and by the time you’ve finished reading this article, you will have a COMPLETE toolkit of webinar creation skills to help you grow your sales by 500% or more.

Webinar Blueprint

There is a different blueprint in the training program, The Power of Webinars. It has 8 main sections with a ‘fill in the blank’ power deck (aka slide deck) to follow when you are creating a new webinar presentation. Master the Power of Webinars formula, and you can almost print money with every webinar you do! You can Boost Conversions 5-10x with this ‘Fill in the Blank’ Power Deck Webinar Presentation Template.

For years, my friend Mark has been studying webinars (and you should too!). Here is what he has come up with like the best sales letter copywriters – a blueprint or series of steps. Feel free to tweak it and perfect it for your business situation.



Yes, please swipe the webinar presentation steps!

Step 1: Big Promise

The big promise should be one of the first things you tell them after you get through the “sound checks” and “welcome” to your attendees. After you’ve tested your microphone and welcomed your guests, the first thing you should do is promise something SIGNIFICANT and enticing that’s coming in just a few minutes… Perhaps even something that has the potential to change their life. The simplest way to do this is just to reiterate the big benefit you promised in the headline and subheadline of your sales copy.

The whole purpose of this is to make sure people are “glued to the screen” and paying attention, so they stay on board until the end (where you make your irresistible sales pitch).


* Note: This is one of the most important elements of the webinar. If you don’t deliver on your promise, it will have a negative impact on your brand and sales conversions.

Step 2: Set the Stage

It’s important to give them some background on who you are and why they should be listening to you. You want to establish your credibility. And yet, this section should be relatively short and to the point. Don’t overdo it and make the webinar about “you,” prospects don’t want to hear your life story. Make it about your attendees and why they are attending your webinar.

Also, them a brief agenda as to what you will cover (see example below). Try to give a teaser on each point so attendees will want to stay all the way until the end.

* Note: The more attendees that stay until the end, the higher your bottom line will be. Offering a bonus
report/download for people who stay until the end is a great incentive.


Step 3: Share the Opportunity

To set the stage for the main content/training and your pitch, you want the audience to understand the massive opportunity. For example, if I’m telling my audience about how webinars are the wave of the future and that webinars equal higher engagement, higher conversion rates and the ability to increase your price points… I will back that up with statistics.

I may show some studies conducted by reputable organizations that show how businesses have shifted their marketing budgets towards video and webinars. I may also show how people are more engaged when watching live video, compared to visiting a static webinar or sales page. This kind of “background info” enhances the credibility of your big promise, which not only builds trust but also works to keep people paying attention.


* Note: Really hammer home this part of the webinar. Numbers don’t lie and are powerful!


Step 4: Keep them Until the End

Attention!!! The majority of webinars  are conducted to get people to buy their products/services. So to get them to buy, we need to keep them until the end. Your big promise and sharing the opportunity partially ties in with some other subtle “hacks” you can use to give your webinar an even bigger boost.

Give them a hook so that they know if they stay until the end, they’ll get a reward. Now you can be creative. It can be anything from giving away a gift card at random…free copy of your product…free download/PDF/report that you sell for $x. Give something of value.

* Note: The more perceived value, the higher your attendance rate will come pitch time.

Step 5: Story & Positioning

Some of the best marketers on the planet sell with a story.

The fact is people like buying from people. What kind of people? Think about the kind of people you’ve known in your life who seem to radiate charisma. These people are almost ALWAYS great storytellers. So if you can connect with your audience, identify their pain and show them how your product/service can solve a real problem your target market has, it will pre-sell them for when you are ready to close.


* Note: If your past allows, having a “zero to hero” or a “before and after” story, that can have a significant effect on your audience.

Step 6: Three Pieces of Great Content

Based on the research we have done and a lot of testing, we have found that three pieces of GREAT content are enough to satisfy your promise, but not so much that they are overwhelmed with information.

Make sure you explain the value of the content you are providing. (i.e., “Normally I teach this same formula to my $5,000 coaching students”). Create the perception that they are getting a good deal and being ‘catered to,’ which eases them into the sale.


* Note: Make sure that this is some of your best content. The majority of people are willing to pay for the extra you offer even if you give away 90% of the content.


Step 7: Don’t Over Teach

Studies have shown that on average, most webinar attendees will start to lose interest right around the 60-minute mark (though that can vary based on your audience, market, and your presentation). It’s important to keep the “training” part of your webinar straightforward and to the point. Keep it focused and on-topic. The minute you start bouncing around to different topics, you will confuse your audience.

A webinar presentation is different than a stage presentation. But there are some things in common. Stage fright is one of them. Get yourself a Webinar Coach!

You may need a webinar coach to help you wipe out stage-fright and make your webinar flow and so you sound poised, cool, calm, and collected.

You may require a webinar coach to support you when you open your presentation that 99 out of 100 presenters miss (this will instantly separate you from the amateurs and is crucial!).

You do not have to memorize but there are little tricks to remember every point of your webinar like magic.

You may involve a webinar coach to assist you to remove stress, and quickly get your audience eating out of your hand (this can be the toughest step… but not when you know how).

You may want a webinar coach to help you with a breakthrough tactic that gets instant trust from your participants, so it makes you look more confident, and eliminates “shaky-voice” (bonus: you don’t even need to practice).

You may pay for a few hours with a webinar coach to guide you when you feel nervous so you can learn to quickly relax and increase your comfort talking and presenting to your audience.

You may engage a webinar coach to help you become a natural with amazing presentations that seem like there is almost zero preparation, and you can learn how, too.

You may want a webinar coach to get the advantage so you keep your participants hanging on every word, even if your topic is not exciting.

You may hire a webinar coach to help you get in the power position with this underground tactic than any presenter can use to put their brain in high-gear and remember everything, and speak smoothly

You may get the secrets from a webinar coach to show you the back-door way to improve your confidence and be cool if you make a mistake.

* Note: Your training should play directly into your offer at the end.

Step 8: Future-pacing

Just like in sales copy, future-pacing in a webinar is when you have your audience put on their imagination caps for a minute. Have them think about what it would be like if (insert what your product does here).

For example, based on a webinar platform offer:

“Imagine if there was a piece of software that would allow you to create entire webinar funnels without having to pay hundreds of dollars every month.”

“Imagine a webinar solution that allowed you to create live webinars and automated evergreen webinar sequences that run on autopilot?”

“Imagine if your webinar solution allowed you the flexibility to integrate your auto-responder to build your email list, send out a timed CTA button during your pitch, and automatically record a replay that would publish after the live call.”

* Note: This is a perfect time to lead into the introduction of your product.

Step 9: Overcome Objections in Advance

Overcoming objections is one of the main objectives of any sales letter. As it is with sales copy, so it is with webinars.

It’s important (especially if you run the same webinar multiple times) that you understand what questions people are going to ask, ahead of time. Addressing those questions will help to overcome any objections people have that are holding them back from purchasing your product.

Adjust your presentation accordingly, so that you address these concerns during the live call and have solid answers ready. Make a list of the top questions that most people in your market have about your product or service. If you’re new to your market and aren’t sure what these questions are going to be, check out a form or LinkedIn group where people talk about the niche that of your target market.

Step 10: Social Proof / Case Studies

It’s time to show that your product/service works.

There is no better way than showing real proof. Use screenshots, testimonials, quick videos, case studies, etc.

It’s an excellent idea to draw on different types of proof. A “wall of testimonials” will become boring. But a testimonial, then a screenshot, followed by a case study is a powerful combination.

* Note: If you can gather social proof from credible authorities in your niche, do it!

Step 11: The Irresistible Offer

Your irresistible offer needs to build up all of the value, serve up the order link with a BANG. So similar to a typical sales page, you want to keep building up the value. For Mark, he offers his software that is a lower price than the more established webinar platforms.

For example:

• Webinar Ignition Professional Software ($Retail Value) • Free Upgrade to Developer Rights ($Retail Value)

• Scarcity Countdown Timers ($Retail Value)
• Invitation to Mastermind Group ($Retail Value)

After you have added up all of the value you are providing the offer, give them a no-brainer money-back guarantee.


* Note: Including scarcity in your webinar can 2-3x increase your sales. Telling them this offer is only available during the live call OR you are only selling X copies.
You can also offer “Fast Action Bonuses” for the first X buyers to
incentive them to take action now rather than later.

Here is a plug for Mark’s webinar platform: You need to factor in the cost of your webinar software platform.

The popular webinar creation service used by 90% of Marketers out there, GoToWebinar, costs up to $4000 a year for their biggest plan… Their smallest plan, which lets you include 100 attendees, costs $700+ a year.

Now… I LOVE GoToWebinar. It’s a fantastic piece of software that lots of marketers use successfully every day.

Mark wanted to create a webinar platform that was available to the average person. Something affordable, effective, and yet totally within the price range of any marketer. That is Webinar Ignition. You simply choose from one of Mark’s VERY affordable fixed price plans (no monthly fee). Yes, you can ramp up your sales results with webinars while cutting down on the cost of creating them?

Here are few key factors that will help your marketing campaigns:

  1. Start leveraging technology like one-click upsells, custom checkout pages, order bumps, well-crafted email sequences, etc.
  2. Start expanding and building out a systematic sales FUNNEL.
  3. More importantly, we added an evergreen webinar into EACH funnel.

Take one of your high ticket offers, find a partner (JV or affiliate) and ask them to promote it.

The funnel goes like this:

  • Initial Sale. Immediate Upsell (1-3 upsells).
  • Value Add Emails for 4 Days.
  • Day 5 was an email to register for a webinar (evergreen)
  • Day 6 was a reminder to register.
  • Day 7 was the actual webinar (evergreen)

The takeaway is that no matter when the customer bought on the initial purchase, they were sent through this carefully crafted sequence. Plugging a webinar into your funnel gives an INSTANT boost to your profits.

Typically between 50-75%, but sometimes a 100% boost. That is the Power of Webinars, my friend!

Seriously. So if we made $100k on the original funnel, we could double that from the webinar.

You absolutely need to tap into the power of webinars.

So as a marketer and Entrepreneur if you are not plugging webinars into your sales funnels; you need to be. Plug into The Power of Webinars!

Step 12: Get the $$$ale

If you included each of these elements into your presentation, give them the buy link (make it easy to type if they want to share the link) and watch the sales stream in ☺

*Note: Running another live encore presentation and a limited replay webinar can bring in the same amount of sales,
Some people may not be able to attend, but they want to see the content (and purchase).

If You’re Not Using Webinars Now, You Need To Start In 2018!!!

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