Frames of Reference

1) Start with a website.  A personal branding coach would recommend developing your brand and your website.   Jeff Carter is a professional personal branding coach who works specifically with coaches.  Jeff understands that how you come across online on your website and social media will affect the perception of someone who is going to hire you.

simply-brand-youHe also has a easy to follow training program called Simply Brand You  that opens registration several times a year.

Why have an attractive personal brand and a website?  So when you meet someone and they “check you out” online there is something substantial.  If you can represent yourself, then the confidence you show in person corresponds to the referral that was given.

2) Get Certified.   Mark Pesha is often asked whether or not they should start by building a website. His answer is a clear no.

Why?  He believes that your future clients are not searching Google looking for a life coach. Many don’t even know they need a coach. They’re not actively looking for you. That’s the reason why all those life coaches who invested thousands of dollars into building a website aren’t getting much (if any) business. They’ve hung their shingle in the wrong place.

Where are the clients? How do you find them and win them over?  Well, Mark’s students get their first clients through referral. They invest in building professional relationships with a type of person we call an “overwhelmed leader”.

Overwhelmed leaders are everywhere.

However, they’re not going to refer their clients/friends/flock to any person that calls him or herself a life coach. They need to know that you’re a trusted professional they can respect.

That’s why he says certification and confidence are important. (Mark runs a certification program).

When an overwhelmed leader can see that you’ve been trained and certified in a respected methodology, and when they can see that you have authentic confidence in your abilities as a coach, they’ll refer their clients to you — i.e. people who come to them seeking coaching.

(Most overwhelmed leaders don’t have the bandwidth to coach, yet people come to them all the time with their problems — that’s why we call them “overwhelmed leaders”.)

Anyway, that’s why Mark says you should hold off investing in a website until you have regular paying clients.

strategicintervention-com-retreatMark says you’ll get much more out of your money if you come on one a Strategic Intervention Boot Camps instead. You’ll learn the methodology. You’ll practice it under the direct supervision and you’ll receive the Practitioner of Excellence certification at the end.

He’ll even show you how to locate and reach out to overwhelmed leaders, and then win them over as dependable referral partners.  He’ll show you how to conduct your first coaching sessions with trial clients, so you can land regular paid coaching contracts with people who are committed to transformation.  He’ll show you how to build a reputation as a respected professional.  He’ll show you how to build a practice you can be proud of.  Mark says, you’ll get far more from this investment than you’ll get from building a website.

Two More Viewpoints

icon-code-davd-t-faganIn the book, Cracking the ICON Code, but David T. Fagan, he writes that your website is the center of your solar system.   People use the web as a place to learn more about a person.  Especially if that person is promoting services they provide themselves (as opposed to selling a product).

He also has a course for at a lower fee and boot camp on this topic and a full services at a much higher fee.   This also assumes you know who you are and what you represent in the marketplace as a coach and if not, you’ll get yourself fine tuned with his course and one on one strategies and icon building.

christina-hillsChristina Hills is the trainer behind The Website Creation Workshop where she promises to help you “Easily Create A Beautiful Website In WordPress, Even If You Hate Technology!    Donna DeNomme who is an Intuitive Spiritual Coach & Healer did go the path of working with an expensive website coder.  Then she took Christina’s workshop and now she can create her own website.  Donna says, “The positive ripples I’m experiencing are mind-boggling!”  You can learn how to create a website by yourself (without a webmaster!) using self-hosted WordPress in this live, 8-week training program. Here’s the link to the replay of her most recent webinar and in fact, many of Christina’s clients are coaches.



Whatever you decide, either to get certified first, or to build a website first, eventually, someone will be looking for your web presence online. #LikesUP for making a choice






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