webinar #likesupDo you know the person who was responsible for the very first “million dollar day” in the internet marketing niche?  His name is John Reese and he is a bona fide “Traffic Legend”

We have an exciting webinar planned and John’s going to be sharing how traffic acquisition has evolved – and the five core strategies you need in place to capitalize on what he calls The Great Traffic Evolution.

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What you’ll discover:

  • Secret #1- Competitor Shadowing- how to reverse engineer your market and competitors.
  • Secret #2- Timing and Purpose.  Learn the 5Ws and an H of each tactic… Who to target, What the message should be, When to use the tactic, Where ads place, Why they care… and most importantly…how to put it all together!
  • Secret #3- Building a Content Factory. Learn how to churn out the content with little or no personal effort.
  • Secret #4- Traffic recycling.  How to direct your traffic to increase conversions, rankings, and engagement.
  • Secret #5- Prospect Behavior Marketing.  Tune into the webinar to hear about this highly effective strategy that continues the conversation with your prospect right where it left off.

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This is a recommended webinar!

sherrie-rose-likesUP-webinarway_thumb.jpgSee you on the webinar,

Sherrie Rose
P.S. Even if you’re just starting to need traffic to your business, or want to open the gates and let the new visitors flood your business, you have this chance to learn from the person who made traffic getting into a step-by-step strategy – Get your free pass here


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