Webinars: One Big Factor That 90% of Marketers Overlook

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Webinars: One Big Factor That 90% of Marketers Overlook

There is one factor that 90% of marketers overlook that is a major key to creating a webinar that actually sells well.

A key to selling on webinars is the ability to contrast what your prospects future will be like with your product and how it is now without your product or service.

That’s the Pain Point > GAP > Gain Point described in the book, The Webinar Way.

Even words that describe the contrast such as “unsure vs confident” help identify where your prospective client may be now and where they want to be. The unresolved pain without your product can be eliminated with the solution that they gain with your product. We shared this chart previously on LikesUP.com

It sounds simple but creating the contrast is what seals inside your prospects mind the real difference that you provide. When they are clear about the GAP of what it is like to operate without the product/service and what it is like to operate with the product/service they then have the clarity that is needed to make the decision to buy.

When you “meet people where they are” in your webinar message it means you are speaking to them directly and you understand their situation and speak their language.

Clearly defined contrast with concrete examples that show up in the day to day life of your prospect will make your webinar more effective. Before and After. With your help and without your help.

What is the difference in the experience of a non-client with a current client? Have current clients stated how much pain and hassle they had before they started working with you? See what these two clients say about their experience working on their webinar presentation.

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