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HOT New Google Pixel Best Smartphone of The Year

Google has hired a veteran chip architect away from Apple and is now looking to build its own chips for future versions of its flagship Pixel phone, Variety has learned from sources familiar with the hire. Manu Gulati, who had been spearheading Apple’s own chip developments for close to eight years, joined Google in the last few weeks. He publicly announced the job change on his Linkedin profile Tuesday morning, stating that he now works as Google’s Lead SoC Architect.”

The first phone with the Google Assistant built in is the Google Pixel. Jay McGregor at Forbes says that performance remains lightning fast, which is particularly apparent when escaping into Virtual Reality worlds with Day Dream.  The overall build quality is solid. It feels rugged despite being light, slim and crammed full of functionality. The Google Pixel XL it nails almost every area: Battery life, performance, camera, build quality, innovation, sound quality and overall design, among others. The more check marks in the boxes, the higher it scores.

The camera is exceptional in a smartphone. The app is lacking some manual controls, but the fact that auto mode produces near perfect results means limited manual control doesn’t really matter. The battery life is also the best tested this year. Jay reviewed the phone three times.

The high price $869 for the top XL model, but in Jay’s option the Pixel justifies it. Not least because there isn’t anything majorly wrong the Pixel XL. In fact, it’s all very good. It’s the perfect all-rounder and they only come along once in a blue moon.

The battery that is the stand-out performance feature. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have to constantly worry where your next charge is coming from. It remains the one area that’s yet to advance, which is thanks to the few developments in battery technology.

The Pixel is getting 18 hours between charges with medium use during the day, including music, browsing and gaming on commutes, and leaving it to rest overnight without plugging in. A couple factors are at play here; Android’s improved power management and Doze 2.0, which conserves battery when the phone isn’t in use or physically moving. Can you imagine going to bed with 60% battery left after 12 hours of medium usage?

The Pixel X has integration of Assistant, fast updates and security patches and minimalist UI gives the Pixel XL the cleanest – and most efficient – Android experience on the market.

Source: Forbes, Made by Google
Note: “Closer” song heard in the Google Pixel Phone commercial: https://youtu.be/Rykmwn0SMWU

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