Why EASY is the Enemy of Your Great Webinar

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Webinars Made Easy is the tagline of a big webinar platform.

Easy is good, right?


Well, sorta wrong.

Charles comments: “The real problem, as I see it, is that the software for webinars is “easy to use” which makes everyone and his cousin think that they are experts in using it. And this is true for PowerPoint as well! The bottom line for any presentation, whether in-person, or online is that the slideshow should be nothing more than a visual aid; emphasis on the word “aid.” What you are saying is the presentation – good presentations, with good content, could still be presented if the slideshow crashes or is somehow or other not available.

Far too many folks use the slideshow as a crutch (reading from the slide as mentioned above – yuck!) Sort of like, just because I have a video camera doesn’t mean I am a movie star!”

Thank you, Charles for your clarity.

Easy by definition is causing or involving little difficulty or discomfort. But, easy for you may cause discomfort for your webinar attendees.

What you want to be easy with your webinar is to know the right steps, processes, techniques and how to bring out your personal style to create a great webinar. You want the experience to be rewarding for your webinar participants.

That is why I am recommending the book, The Webinar Way. It is easy AND smart. It is a systematic way of creating your webinar experience broken down in a clear format. In the book, you’ll discover the WAMO Approach to get started, the 3C x 3T Matrix, learn about Payday webinars and the 7 Pillars of The Webinar Way. You’ll also hear about the Webinar Lifestyle, Perpetual Profits with automated webinars and where to get Webinar Resources. Of course, I recommend this book highly because I co-authored this book with Jim F. Kukral.

The book, The Webinar Way is planned to be released in September 2012. Get on the pre-launch list now.  Your special gift will be The Webinar Way Profit Calculator.


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