Why The Next President Should Be A Woman

Why The Next President Should Be A Woman

With the Presidential election right around the corner, there’s been a lot of debate as to whether or not Hillary Clinton can win if she chooses to run. 

by Steve Olsher

Here are four reasons why the next President should be a woman. 

1) Women are better communicators who understand the power of

This video is incredibly powerful. It demonstrates how men and women view the same situation from an entirely different perspective. Amazing how a subtle communication shift impacts the effectiveness of the message. Thanks to Sunil Bali for bringing this one to my attention. 

2) Women are better teachers.

With rare exception, women are more prone to share their knowledge and empower others to realize their full potential. This free video series from my incredibly talented and successful friend, business and fitness guru Chalene Johnson, is a testament to how women seek to teach first and receive later.

3) Women have the power to enroll. 

Effective politicians, entrepreneurs, entertainers and spiritual advisors all share what is, perhaps, the most important trait of a leader — the power to enroll others in their vision. Women, unlike their male counterparts, turn to love and empathy to gain commitment, not force. This inevitably results in forming deeper connections, unbreakable bonds, and tangible loyalty.

4) Women, above all else, are nurturers.

From the moment one is born, there is no greater, or stronger, connection than that between mother and child. A woman gives us life, brings us

into this world and, to the best of her abilities, provides for us both financially and emotionally.

It is a mother’s basic instinct to protect and to help her child persevere. This strength cannot be taught, nor learned, and when life’s difficulties inevitably ensue, it is primarily the women in our lives who lead us towards the light.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day week, I, Steve Olsher, cannot begin to express my appreciation for the guidance, teachings, and love I’ve received from the most important women in my life: Lena (my wife – pictured), Gail (my mom), Barb (my step-mom), Avrie (my step-sister), and Grammy Sylvia (RIP).

I encourage you to take a moment this week to acknowledge the women in your life, give thanks for the blessings received, honor their importance and, if you’re fortunate enough to still have them near, give them a big hug and a kiss. – Steve Olsher

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