WOW Microsoft Surface Studio

8,697,471 views and climbing.  We’re not taking about a video about the US election; it is the introduction of the new Microsoft Surface Studio.  And, WOW!!! There sure is interest with 23,489 comments.

Microsoft Surface Studio is a new category of device, designed to put you at the center of the creative process. Turn your desk into a Studio. Check out the video:

The 28” PixelSense™ Display gives you a huge canvas for all kinds of work. Use it upright, or draw on it like a drafting table. Ideas leap off the screen with 13.5 million pixels of true-to-life color and clarity. Prices start at $2,999 USD and ships early in 2017.  Order online:

Rest your hand while you write as you would with paper and pen. Paint, write, and draw in a natural way when Surface Studio is down in Studio Mode.

Surface Studio is designed with a Zero Gravity Hinge that moves the display weightlessly from an upright angle, down into Studio Mode with one hand.

Surface Pen is an intuitive tool for creation. It gives you 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, has a 12-month battery life, and also works with Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book.

Surface Dial gives you quick and intuitive access to the brush settings you use most. Make fast and fluid color adjustments, and rotate or scale your canvas to achieve a finer level of control.

Design is a collaborative process. Work together on one screen, or use the huge display to show your idea to a teammate. Surface Studio is your one device, from first draft to final production.

The power to create. The power to play.

This is the perfect, powerful device for running professional-grade software like Solidworks, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Autodesk.* And, these powerful applications take on a whole new life with tools unique to Surface, like Surface Pen and Surface Dial*.

Windows Hello face sign-in gives you a hands-free way to log-in to your device. It can even remember multiple faces for different accounts.

Surface Studio is a whole new class of device, one designed for the creative process. To help bring your ideas to life and complete that experience, we’ve designed accessories that work perfectly with your Surface.


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