Legacy Worthy Life: Cultivating a Legacy of Relevance, Reputation and Remembrance


Legacy Worthy Life: Cultivating a Legacy of Relevance, Reputation and Remembrance


In the pursuit of a Legacy Worthy Life, the emphasis is on shaping a narrative that matures with time. Through intentional actions today, you lay the foundation for a lasting Legacy defined by enduring Relevance, an authentic Reputation, and a meaningful Remembrance. These present-day actions act as the seeds for a legacy that celebrates individuality—a legacy molded by solid values, the honing of reputation, and the enduring impact on the lives of others, providing you with a sense of pride. This is the practical process of constructing a Legacy of Relevance, Reputation, and Remembrance.

A friend shared with me the intimate solitude he experiences as he nestles into bed, the sheets serving as a poignant reminder that the warmth of his wife’s presence is absent. It’s a loss relived each night, with the awareness of the gradual slipping away of their most cherished moments lingering in the quiet moments before sleep takes hold. Those quiet moments before sleep, where the chill of empty sheets amplifies the absence of a once constant presence.

This revelation sparked a profound awakening within me, a realization that the depth of contemplation around life and legacy isn’t confined to the later years. My baby, just two years old, seems to be the anchor for reflections typically associated with parents witnessing their children graduate from university.

The conventional pursuit of leaving a legacy has always been a matter of consideration for me, especially in a society where many “Men’s Coaches” champion the masculine duty to be the hero, leave a lasting mark, be remembered.

However, I find myself questioning this narrative; it feels like the wrong frame, the wrong perspective, and the wrong aim in life. Legacy, the way I see it, often relies on the opinions of others—thoughts from people I may never meet or know.  It is about what people think after I die and the money I leave behind.  How can ‘this’ be legacy?

Entrusting my happiness and life’s direction to these unknown critics strikes me as rather naive.  Why would I do it? What do I want external validation to be my focus?

Yet, within this complexity, there’s nuance. While the views of others carry some weight, the opinion I hold of myself takes precedence.  Sherrie Rose, ambassador to Chief Legacy Officers has a lot to say about legacy and in one area, refers to legacy as relevancy, reputation, and remembrance.


The truth about legacy lies in its inherent uncertainty and lack of control. Societal values shift, cultures transform, and what’s revered today may fade into obscurity tomorrow.  This is legacy relevance.

Much of my inner turmoil arises from a grasp on impermanent things, from the yearning for recognition, reputation, and a lasting legacy. This is the legacy of reputation.

The quest to imprint a permanent mark seems like an attempt to secure permanence in a world fundamentally marked by impermanence. This is remembrance.

One day, my time will inevitably arrive. There will be a final breath, a last instance of tucking my daughters into bed, whispering a heartfelt “I love you.” There will be a concluding moment when someone utters my name. And then, silence. No one will remember me. Life’s grandeur, I’ve come to realize, lies in its transience.

For me, this isn’t an absolute truth but a perspective offering a more grounded and pragmatic approach to life—a viewpoint that allows me to better navigate its complexities.

If today’s farewell to a dear friend were my last, how would I choose to say goodbye differently? The introspection prompts a reevaluation of priorities, a deeper appreciation for the fleeting moments that compose the tapestry of life.  Life’s grandeur, I’ve come to understand, lies in its transience.

This is why legacy matters.

As I reflect on these sentiments, I’m struck by the profound nature and realization that these moments of remembering, seemingly mundane, carry the weight of irreversible transitions and bring a poignant awareness of the ephemeral nature of life.

Moreover, this awakening, typically associated with the later stages of life, is remarkably present in my current phase. My two-year-old child becomes the unexpected catalyst for contemplating life’s trajectory, a reminder that these reflections aren’t solely reserved for parents witnessing their children reach significant milestones.

The conventional pursuit of legacy, often championed by “Life Coaches” emphasizing a masculine duty to leave a lasting mark, undergoes scrutiny in my perspective. It appears as the wrong frame, the wrong perspective, and the wrong aim in life. Legacy, as I am stuck on, may tend to hinge on the opinions of others—views from individuals I may never encounter. Placing the compass of my happiness and life’s direction in the hands of these unknown critics appears increasingly naive.  Why should my reputation and later my remembrance be dictated by someone else?

Amidst this complexity, nuances emerge. While external opinions carry weight, the opinion I hold of myself assumes a paramount role. Societal values shift, cultural transformations occur, and what’s esteemed today may fade into obscurity tomorrow.  Again, with legacy relevancy.

A significant portion of my inner turmoil stems from a tenacious grasp on impermanent things, from the persistent yearning for recognition, reputation, and a lasting legacy. The pursuit of imprinting a permanent mark appears, fundamentally, as an endeavor to secure permanence in a world inherently marked by impermanence.  That mark is of remembrance that should not be a goal but a by product of living a legacy worthy life.

This perspective, for me, isn’t an absolute truth but a guiding principle offering a more grounded and pragmatic approach to life. Legacy is the longevity of your life however long it lasts.

This quest to leave your mark is not merely a goal but, more importantly, can be a natural byproduct of living a legacy worthy life.


In contemplating the impermanence of our existence, I find myself grappling with the ephemeral nature of achievements, accolades, and the temporal glow of reputation. The persistent yearning for recognition often leads me to chase after external validation, believing that leaving a lasting legacy is synonymous with garnering widespread acclaim. However, a paradigm shift occurs when I recognize that the mark I leave behind should be a consequence of the life I lead, not the sole objective.  To live a life worthy of leaving a meaningful legacy.

Living a legacy worthy life involves a profound commitment to values, principles, and actions that transcend the ephemeral nature of momentary successes. It entails nurturing meaningful relationships, contributing positively to the community, and making a difference in the lives of others. Instead of fixating on the desire for posthumous remembrance, the focus shifts to the impact one can have on the world in the present.

The byproduct of a legacy worthy life is a lasting imprint that naturally emerges from a journey marked by authenticity, compassion, and purpose. It’s a legacy woven into the fabric of everyday interactions, the choices made in the face of adversity, and the resilience demonstrated in times of challenge. Rather than being preoccupied with the external markers of success, the emphasis shifts to the quality of the present moments and the enduring impact they can have on those around us.

Living a legacy worthy life invites a shift from the pursuit of a lasting legacy as a standalone achievement to a more profound exploration of what it means to contribute meaningfully to the world – this is your masterwork. It acknowledges that the most enduring legacies are often the result of a life lived with integrity, kindness, and a genuine commitment to making a positive difference – a legacy worthy life. Then the pursuit of a lasting legacy transforms into a natural outcome, a reflection of a life well-lived rather than a singular goal to be attained.  Be Legacy Worthy.

You are “Legacy Worthy” because you truly deserve LEGACY WORTHY PROSPERITY while experiencing a fulfilling life today, enjoying what truly matters, and to leave your mark on your terms.

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Relationship Riches are the currency of your worthy legacy.  Focus more closely on the nickels in your relationships and choices you make than grand gestures.  Will Berkovitz remembers when he was in his twenties, an older married friend was reflecting on love. She said that love is really measured by the “accumulation of intimate moments spent together. The ordinary ways we show up.”  It has been said that friendship isn’t one big thing, it’s a million little things. It is the smallest choices gathered over years that define us. Love is built by the nickels, the small acts more than the dollars of grand fleeting gestures. That is true for our legacies as well.


P.S. This is written on the eve of the statutory holiday of many Commonwealth countries like Canada, who celebrate Remembrance Day this year on Monday, November 13th.   Typically, the holiday is on November 11th.   In the USA, government and schools observed the holiday on Friday, November 10th.  Banks took November 11th as their official holiday.  In all cases. REMEMBRANCE is giving a blessing to those who are no longer with us and who served their country.


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Modified and expanded from Chris Dufey