Legacy Worthy Talks: TEDx San Diego Seeds of Change 2023

Legacy Worthy-Talks-TEDx-San-Diego-June

Legacy Worthy Talks: TEDxSanDiego Seeds of Change 2023

TEDxSanDiego Seeds of Change 2023 event is similar to TED.com. TEDx San Diego features diverse lineup of speakers who talk about innovative ideas worth sharing.

TEDxSanDiego is an independently organized event that adheres to the format and spirit of the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conferences. It takes place in the county of San Diego, California, and was one of the first group of TEDx talk events held worldwide.

Similar to TED.com conferences, TEDx San Diego features a diverse lineup of speakers and performers who share their innovative ideas, personal stories, and experiences. These talks aim to inspire, inform, and provoke thought among attendees. The event serves as a platform for individuals from various fields, including technology, science, art, business, and education, to present their ideas worth spreading.

TEDx San Diego follows the TED format, with talks typically lasting around 18 minutes or less. The speakers cover a wide range of subjects, including cutting-edge research, social issues, personal journeys, entrepreneurship, and creative endeavors.

Although independently organized, TEDx San Diego adheres to TED’s guidelines and principles of inclusivity and engagement. It provides an opportunity for individuals to showcase their ideas, participate in intellectual discussions, and contribute to the intellectual and cultural development of the local community.


Legacy Worthy-Talks-TEDx-San-Diego-June

TEDxSanDiego Seeds of Change happens on June 11th 2023

SPEAKERS: TEDx San Diego Seeds of Change 2023

TEDx San Diego Speaker Hernán Luis y Prado

EDUCATOR & INNOVATOR Hernán Luis y Prado is an exceptional educator and innovator who has dedicated his life to empowering veterans and rebuilding America’s manufacturing capabilities. As a 15-year Navy combat veteran, he witnessed the challenges faced by transitioning service members and recognized the need for an advanced manufacturing workforce training pipeline. This realization led him to found Workshops for Warriors (WFW), a San Diego-based nonprofit school that provides veterans and transitioning service members with training, certification, and placement into advanced manufacturing careers.

Under Hernán’s leadership as the Founder and CEO of WFW, the organization has successfully trained and graduated over 1,000 veterans who are now working for prestigious companies like Tesla, Boeing, and Ford. His pioneering efforts have not only given veterans purposeful and dignified careers but also contributed to the rebuilding of America’s manufacturing sector.

Hernán Luis y Prado’s TEDx talk will highlight the importance of investing in veterans and the role they can play in rebuilding our nation. He will share his inspiring journey and showcase how Workshops for Warriors is transforming the lives of veterans while strengthening America’s manufacturing capabilities. Stay connected with Hernán’s transformative work by following Workshops for Warriors on Instagram (@workshopsforwarriors) and LinkedIn. Join him in championing the cause of veterans and rebuilding our nation’s future.

TEDx San Diego Speaker Jesse Leon

SURVIVOR ADVOCATE Jesse Leon is a remarkable survivor advocate and social impact consultant dedicated to addressing critical issues such as sex trafficking, addiction, mental health, homelessness, and LGBTQ+ rights. Having experienced the trauma of sex trafficking firsthand during his adolescence on the streets of San Diego, Jesse is driven to ensure that survivors are not only heard but also provided with the support they need to overcome adversity.

As the President and CEO of Alliance Way, Jesse creates public-private partnerships, grantmaking programs, and impact investment funds to address these pressing issues. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his work in fostering diversity, belonging, and social change. His journey from being trafficked, addicted, and homeless to attending Harvard University is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

In his powerful TEDx talk, Jesse Leon will shed light on the often-overlooked experiences of boys and LGBTQ+ youth who are victims of sex trafficking. He will share his personal story of triumph and resilience, highlighting the urgent need for collective action to ensure survivors can move from living in trauma to becoming triumphant. Connect with Jesse on his website at jesseleonauthor.com and follow him on LinkedIn and Instagram (@jesse_leon_author) to stay updated on his impactful work in empowering survivors and advocating for social justice.

TEDx San Diego Speaker KishaLynn Elliott

EDUCATOR AND ARTIST KishaLynn Elliott is an inspiring educator, artist, and advocate who is passionate about transforming the education system to address the holistic needs of students. As the VP of Operations at the Monarch School Project in San Diego, KishaLynn pioneers innovative approaches to education, emphasizing the integration of social emotional learning with academic instruction.

Recognizing that teaching and measuring academics alone falls short of nurturing whole children, KishaLynn’s research on unhoused students at Monarch demonstrates the profound impact of incorporating social emotional learning into education. By fostering community building, healing, and personal growth, KishaLynn is committed to improving outcomes for vulnerable students.

In her enlightening TEDx talk, KishaLynn Elliott will challenge the current education system’s narrow focus on academics and emphasize the importance of social emotional learning. Drawing from her expertise and experience, she will showcase how integrating these elements can create a nurturing environment that supports the overall well-being of students. Stay connected with KishaLynn’s work by visiting her website at BLAAC.life and following her on Instagram (@coachkishalynn) and LinkedIn. Join her in advocating for a more holistic and inclusive approach to education.

TEDx San Diego Speaker Madhushree Ghosh

AUTHOR AND SCIENTIST Madhushree Ghosh is an exceptional author, scientist, and advocate who delves into the powerful stories and cultural significance of food as it relates to immigration, migration, and identity. As the daughter of refugees and an immigrant herself, Madhushree brings a deeply personal perspective to the exploration of how food connects us to our roots and shapes our sense of home.

Her debut food narrative, KHABAAR: An Immigrant Journey of Food, Memory, and Family, has garnered significant acclaim and recognition for its insightful portrayal of immigrant experiences. With her work being published in prestigious publications such as The New York Times, Washington Post, and LA Times, Madhushree uses her platform to shed light on immigration issues and advocate for gender pay parity in science.

In her thought-provoking TEDx talk, Madhushree Ghosh will delve into the rich tapestry of immigrant food stories and their profound impact on our lives. Through her captivating storytelling, she will convey the importance of embracing diverse cultural narratives and the role that food plays in shaping our communities. To stay connected with Madhushree and explore her compelling work, visit her website at writemadhushree.com and follow her on Instagram (@writemadhushree) and LinkedIn.

TEDx San Diego Speaker Pat Salas

CHIEF DREAM ENABLER Pat Salas is a visionary leader, entrepreneur, and Chief Dream Enabler who understands the transformative power of empathy in building successful companies. As the President and CEO of SBHIS Insurance Services, Inc., she has demonstrated that empathy is not just a desirable trait in employees but a fundamental core value that drives customer loyalty and love.

Pat’s remarkable journey of building a customer-facing company based on empathy has defied conventional hiring practices. Instead of focusing solely on education or experience, she seeks out individuals who have faced challenges in life, as they possess a profound sense of humanity and the ability to connect with customers on a deeper level. By tapping into vulnerability, Pat believes that true connections can be forged, creating lasting relationships with customers.

In her enlightening TEDx talk, Pat Salas will highlight the power of empathy in conscious commerce and the immense impact it has on building successful companies. Drawing from her own experiences and expertise, she will inspire the audience to embrace empathy as the cornerstone of their hiring culture. Connect with Pat and discover more about her inspiring journey by visiting the SBHIS website at sbhis.net. Follow her on Instagram (@patsalas) and LinkedIn to stay updated on her empowering work as a Chief Dream Enabler.

TEDx San Diego Speaker Paula Sylvia

INNOVATION FACILITATOR Paula Sylvia is an exceptional innovation facilitator with a deep understanding of how ports can become catalysts for blue economy innovation. In her role as the Program Director of Aquaculture and Blue Technology at the Port of San Diego, she has spearheaded groundbreaking initiatives that support entrepreneurship, innovation partnerships, and sustainable development in the maritime industry.

Under Paula’s leadership, the Port of San Diego established the Aquaculture and Blue Technology program, along with the Blue Economy Incubator—an impactful investment platform. These initiatives enable the Port to collaborate with early-stage companies, conduct pilot projects, and test cutting-edge technologies in a real-world environment. The incubator’s vision is to build a diverse portfolio of new businesses that deliver significant social, environmental, and economic benefits to both the Port and the region.

Paula Sylvia’s expertise lies in fostering innovation, promoting sustainability, and driving positive change in the blue economy. With her insightful TEDx talk, she will share compelling insights into how ports can play a pivotal role in shaping a more sustainable and prosperous future. Connect with Paula on LinkedIn to learn more about her groundbreaking work and innovative vision.

TEDx San Diego Speaker Philippe Lazaro

CLIMATE CHANGE ACTIVIST Philippe Lazaro is a passionate climate change activist dedicated to transforming the narrative around the global climate crisis. As a storyteller and communications manager at Plant with Purpose, Philippe has immersed himself in over 50 countries, amplifying the voices of communities most affected by urgent issues.

Recognizing that the prevailing narratives of threat and urgency often lead to a sense of fatalism, Philippe advocates for a new approach—one that appeals to people’s identities, provides positive feedback, and instills a sense of progress. By harnessing the power of storytelling, Philippe believes we can inspire greater participation and overcome the challenges posed by climate change.

With his TEDx talk, Philippe Lazaro will shed light on the untapped potential of storytelling in transforming our perception of the climate crisis. He will showcase the importance of ethical storytelling, emphasize the focus on solutions, and present creative tools that can inspire proactive behavior. Join Philippe on his journey to create a more sustainable and resilient world by connecting with him on LinkedIn and visiting his website at philippelazaro.com.

TEDx San Diego Speaker Rod Jeter

YBANGRY COUPLES COUCH | AUTHOR Rod Jeter is a remarkable relationship expert, author, and the creator of “YBAngry” (pronounced “Why Be Angry”)—a unique relationship game that offers a refreshing approach to conflict resolution. With his extensive background as a navy veteran, real estate broker, and entrepreneur, Rod brings a diverse range of experiences to his work in helping couples find common ground.

After discovering the limitations of traditional marriage counseling, Rod Jeter embarked on a mission to provide couples with a more effective and enjoyable way to address their disagreements. Through “YBAngry,” he enables couples to settle even the most challenging disputes in just minutes, without fuss or drama. By facilitating one issue at a time, Rod helps couples build stronger relationships and navigate conflicts that may have endured for decades.

In his inspiring TEDx talk, Rod Jeter will share his innovative approach to relationship building and conflict resolution. By embracing his game-based methodology, couples can rediscover harmony, foster better communication, and experience deeper connections. Connect with Rod on LinkedIn and explore his website at ybangry.com to learn more about his transformative work and how it can bring more joy and fulfillment to your relationships.

TEDx San Diego Speaker Saundra Pelletier

PROTECTION: IT’S TIME FOR WOMEN TO HAVE BETTER CHOICES Saundra Pelletier is an extraordinary leader and the CEO of Evofem Biosciences—an organization dedicated to revolutionizing women’s healthcare. With her groundbreaking non-hormonal birth control product, Phexxi, Saundra is empowering women to have control over their sexual health, just like men have had for over 150 years.

Recognizing the burden placed on women to protect themselves through daily medication, Saundra advocates for better choices and a shift in the narrative surrounding contraception. Through her global non-profit initiative, she strives to deliver sustainable contraception to women worldwide, irrespective of income or geography.

In her compelling TEDx talk, Saundra Pelletier will shed light on the need for women to have more options when it comes to protection. She will challenge the status quo, inspire change, and demonstrate how innovative solutions like Phexxi can transform women’s lives. Saundra’s passion, vision, and commitment to women’s empowerment make her an incredible force for progress in the field of women’s healthcare. Stay updated on her transformative work by connecting with Saundra on LinkedIn and visiting the websites of Evofem Biosciences (evofem.com) and Phexxi (phexxi.com).

TEDx San Diego Speaker Shelby Stanger

OUTDOOR STORYTELLER Shelby Stanger is an engaging outdoor storyteller, podcast host, and author known for her captivating tales and insights into the transformative power of wild ideas. As the creator and host of the widely acclaimed podcast, “Wild Ideas Worth Living,” produced by REI Co-Op Studios, Shelby has embarked on thrilling adventures and interviewed inspiring individuals who have embraced their own wild ideas.

With a focus on adventure in nature, Shelby Stanger’s work encourages listeners to step out of their comfort zones, overcome challenges, and experience life-changing moments. Her upcoming book, “Will to Wild,” promises to be a source of inspiration and empowerment for those seeking to pursue their passions and explore the great outdoors.

In her exhilarating TEDx talk, Shelby Stanger will share her personal journey and highlight the profound impact that wild ideas and outdoor adventures can have on our lives. Through her captivating storytelling, she will ignite the audience’s sense of curiosity and encourage them to embrace their own wild ideas. Stay connected with Shelby’s outdoor escapades and storytelling endeavors by following her on Instagram (@shelbystanger) and LinkedIn. Prepare to be inspired to unlock the transformative power of nature and the pursuit of wild ideas.

TEDx San Diego Speaker Stu Weintraub

SOCIAL CHANGE MAKER Stu Weintraub is a compassionate advocate for social change and the founder and CEO of the Center for Child-Safe Divorce. With a deep understanding of the true costs of divorce, Stu believes it’s time to reshape how we approach this life-altering event. In his thought-provoking talk, “The True Costs of Divorce,” Stu challenges the prevailing legal-centric approach and advocates for putting love before law. He emphasizes the importance of mediation over litigation, seeking guidance from clergy, counseling, and coaching to minimize conflict and prioritize the well-being of children. Stu’s mission is to empower parents to navigate the divorce process with empathy, compassion, and respect. Through his organization and upcoming book, “The HEART of Divorce,” Stu offers practical guidance and spiritual insights to help parents create a child-safe environment during and after divorce. Join Stu Weintraub at TEDxSanDiego as he shares his transformative vision and inspires a new approach to divorce that prioritizes love, understanding, and the well-being of families.

TEDx San Diego Speaker Teresa Smith

EDUCATOR Teresa Smith is an inspiring educator and the CEO of Dreams for Change. Recognizing the pressing need to support those on the brink of homelessness, Teresa pioneered the Safe Parking program—a simple yet powerful solution. In her captivating talk, “I’d Rather Live in my Car,” Teresa sheds light on the comprehensive impact of poverty and shares how Safe Parking serves as a stepping stone toward stability. More than just a parking space, this innovative program connects individuals in need with essential services and helps restore their dignity. Teresa’s work has made a significant impact, as the Safe Parking program has been successfully replicated in 25 cities across the USA. Through Dreams for Change, Teresa continues to provide innovative solutions and conduct research to address poverty comprehensively. Join Teresa Smith at TEDxSanDiego as she shares her powerful insights, challenges societal norms, and inspires us to create a more inclusive and supportive society.

TEDx San Diego Speaker Timothy McDonald, MD, JD

PATIENT SAFETY ADVOCATE Timothy McDonald, MD, JD, is a passionate patient safety advocate and the Chief Patient Safety and Risk Officer at RLDatix. In his compelling talk, “Healing After Harm in Healthcare,” Dr. McDonald addresses the unacceptably high rate of preventable harm in healthcare and the detrimental impact it has on patients, families, and clinicians. By breaking down the wall of silence surrounding medical mistakes and embracing extreme honesty, Dr. McDonald believes we can improve healthcare quality, reduce burnout, and achieve faster resolutions for patients and their families. Drawing from his extensive experience as a Harvard-trained anesthesiologist, pediatrician, and licensed attorney, Dr. McDonald has infused his passion for shattering the wall of silence into innovative software solutions. Through RLDatix, he supports healthcare organizations on their journey toward compassion, empathy, honesty, and transparency. Join Timothy McDonald at TEDxSanDiego as he shares his transformative vision for healing, empowering patients, and transforming healthcare systems.

TEDx San Diego Speaker Walter Green

PHILANTHROPIST AND AUTHOR Walter Green is a philanthropist, author, and the visionary behind the Say It Now movement. In his thought-provoking talk, “The Power of a Living Tribute,” Walter challenges the traditional practice of waiting until someone passes away to express gratitude and appreciation. Through the Say It Now movement, Walter inspires individuals to honor and pay tribute to their loved ones while they are still alive, eliminating the regret that often accompanies unexpressed gratitude. As the former Chairman and CEO of Harrison, Walter’s profound insights have inspired countless individuals to live more fulfilling, purposeful lives. Through mentoring and philanthropic initiatives focused on San Diego’s underserved communities, Walter is actively making a positive difference. Join Walter Green at TEDxSanDiego as he shares his powerful message and encourages us to seize the moment, express our appreciation, and create a society that values acts of kindness and heartfelt connections.


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Experience the magic through our live stream for only $20. Visit www.TEDxSanDiego.com to secure your spot and be part of this transformative event.
Sunday: June 11, 2023
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TEDx San Diego Artist, Musician, Performers

TEDx San Diego Artist in Residence Katie Ruiz

Katie Ruiz is a highly acclaimed Chicana artist and interdisciplinary creator. With her unique blend of painting and fiber sculpture, she weaves together captivating narratives that resonate with audiences worldwide. Her signature series features vibrant Mexican blankets enveloping couples, symbolizing unity and cultural heritage. Through her masterful use of geometric patterns and vivid colors, Katie’s artwork creates a visual language that speaks to the heart and soul. Beyond her artistic endeavors, Katie is a passionate advocate for refugees and has spearheaded The Pompom Project, a transformative initiative that brings people together through simple craft tasks. Witnessing the power of art to foster connections and pride, participants have experienced profound emotional journeys while collaborating on thousands of pompoms, resulting in awe-inspiring works of fine art. Join Katie Ruiz at TEDx San Diego Seeds of Change 2023 as she delves into the profound impact of art in shaping communities and fostering social change.

TEDx San Diego Seeds of Change 2023 Musician in Residence Jay James

Jay James, a prodigious artist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, brings a rich tapestry of soul music to TEDx San Diego Seeds of Change 2023. Born in Ghana and now based in San Diego, Jay’s musical genius spans genres and continents, combining soul, jazz, hip hop, and traditional Ghanaian folklore to create captivating compositions. Armed with mastery over ten different instruments, Jay effortlessly writes, arranges, produces, and performs his own work, infusing it with a global flair that resonates with audiences worldwide. His love for collaboration extends beyond music, as he actively seeks opportunities to collaborate with fellow artists, labels, and filmmakers, constantly pushing the boundaries of his creativity. With a deep appreciation for TED Talks, Jay draws inspiration from Sir Ken Robinson’s captivating exploration of creativity in education. Prepare to be enchanted by Jay James as he takes the stage, sharing his transformative journey and captivating the audience with his soul-stirring melodies.

TEDx San Diego Seeds of Change 2023 Performer transcenDANCE

transcenDANCE, a nationally recognized Creative Youth Development organization, invites you to embark on a powerful journey of self-discovery and transformation. As the heartbeat of change in San Diego, transcenDANCE empowers young people to harness the power of dance and performance, igniting inspiration within themselves and their communities. Since its establishment in 2005, transcenDANCE has touched the lives of over 1,800 young individuals each year through its holistic, long-term programs in Title I schools and community settings. Their new home, the transcenDANCE Arts Center in Lemon Grove, serves as a creative hub for youth and adult dance companies alike, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of artistic growth. Join transcenDANCE at TEDx San Diego Seeds of Change 2023 and witness the incredible impact of their transformative work, as they showcase the resilience and artistic expression of the next generation.

TEDx San Diego Seeds of Change 2023 Performer PlexusPlay

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of PlexusPlay, brought to life by the visionary talents of Matt DiBiase. A jazz vibraphonist, dance music producer, and motion graphics artist, Matt’s groundbreaking shows redefine the boundaries of live music experiences. At a PlexusPlay performance, the audience becomes an integral part of the journey, actively engaging and voting on the path through Matt’s original compositions. Cutting-edge real-time visual software translates their decisions and Matt’s live improvisations into stunning visual spectacles on stage. With a harmonious fusion of lush jazz harmonies, infectious house and Brazilian grooves, and captivating jazz improvisation, PlexusPlay transports audiences to a realm where music and visuals intertwine seamlessly. Prepare to be dazzled as PlexusPlay’s evocative melodies and breathtaking solos transport you on a transformative sonic adventure at TEDx San Diego Seeds of Change 2023.

TEDx San Diego Seeds of Change 2023 Performer Southern Sea Dragon & Lion Dance

Experience the exhilarating traditions of lion and dragon dancing brought to life by the Southern Sea Kun Seng Keng Lion and Dragon Dance Association. Deeply committed to preserving the rich heritage of these cultural art forms, Southern Sea stands as one of San Diego’s largest and most esteemed groups. Their captivating performances grace diverse events, including weddings, parades, and multicultural festivals, captivating audiences with their precise movements and vibrant costumes. With accolades such as their third-place finish at the prestigious 2022 US National Lion Dance competition, Southern Sea continues to astound and captivate with their unparalleled skill and dedication. Prepare to be enthralled as Southern Sea Dragon & Lion Dance transports you to a realm of ancient traditions and awe-inspiring displays at TEDx San Diego Seeds of Change 2023.

TEDx San Diego Seeds of Change 2023 Performer Jon Garner

Immerse yourself in the enchanting sounds of J. Garner’s Djangophonique, a modern vintage ensemble that encapsulates the essence of jazz Manouche, 1920s and 30s jazz, and original compositions. Led by the gifted Jon Garner on lead guitar, Lorelei Garner on rhythm guitar/melodica, and Paul Tillery on acoustic upright bass, their music encapsulates the romantic, joyous spirit of pre-war jazz, drawing inspiration from the legendary Django Reinhardt and the Hot Club of France. With their spirited performances, J. Garner’s Djangophonique transports audiences to a bygone era, infusing their music with heartfelt emotion, fiery improvisation, and infectious energy. Prepare to be swept away by the irresistible charm of J. Garner’s Djangophonique as they enchant and uplift the audience at TEDx San Diego Seeds of Change 2023.

Legacy Worthy-Talks-TEDx-San-Diego-June