What’s New! The Go Box Studio!

All-In-One Mobile VIDEO Studio
Production Quality That’s Simply Stunning

Beautiful Cinematic Video Quality

Integrated video switching system

Sets up in 2 minutes

Go Box Studio https://goboxstudio.com/tech-specs/ GoBoxStudio

Mounted camera, wireless mics, LED lights, a built-in adjustable table, and more –
GoBox Studio has everything you need to look perfect and sound perfect in
every presentation.

Immediate control to give your audience a seamless experience.

Go Box Studio


The future of presentations starts here

Unreal quality. Unparalleled mobility. Ultimate impact.


High on Tech, Low on Clutter

Look fantastic on your presentations every time with zero hassle on cables, tripods, adapters and technical mumbo jumbo.


Matte black hard cover suitcase

Protect your video tech in a precision engineered cushioned velcro shield. Finished in matte black and augmented with 360º wheels and a retractable handle for easy carry-on flights or lightweight loading on the road.

Purpose-built to fit one compact suitcase for absolute mobility

Go Box Studio https://goboxstudio.com/tech-specs/ GoBoxStudio Components

Go Box Studio

Go Box Studio What’s Included

Main Tech:

  • Canon Mirrorless 4K Camera
  • · 1 16mm/f1.4 Sigma lens
  • · 2 Rode wireless mics
  • · 1 receiver
  • · 1 Stream Deck
  • 2 RGB light panels


  • 1 velcro protector
  • · 3 dead cat for mic
  • · 1 battery charger
  • · 1 lens hood + lens cap
  • 1 camera battery

Cables & Ports:

  • 1 Thunderbolt 3 laptop connector
  • · 1 USB-C Video connector
  • · 1 AC cable
  • 1 Anker power hub


  • 1 inbuilt standing desk
  • · 1 inbuilt ipad extension drawer
  • · 1 inbuilt table
  • ·  1 inbuilt drawer

GoBoxStudio Tech specs Go Box Studio https://goboxstudio.com/tech-specs/ 



Every integration for flawless streaming

The GoBox Studio is compatible with Zoom, Webex, OBS, Steamlabs, Microsoft teams, Ecamm, Streamyard, Restream.io, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin.

If there’s an integration you don’t see, ask us.


The powerhouse platform that elevates your personal brand


Welcome to your new stage with Tech made simple

7 hours of presentation time with your wireless mic with one charge

4K with a cinematic super wide 16mm F1.4 lens for the best possible quality.

Take control

One-touch, tactile operation lets you switch scenes, launch media, adjust audio and more, while visual feedback confirms your every command.

Completely customisable. One size fits you.


to fit one
suitcase for

Move fast, Live free, Travel easy

You’re a professional speaker, not a bellhop.

The beautifully designed GoBox complements your style and finesse.


Do I have to assemble or disassemble the GoBox?

There’s no assembly required. Once the GoBox Studio arrives, there will be video instructions on the initial software and hardware setup.

Is the GoBox shockproof?

The GoBox Studio is built into a military-grade case with a rugged design and can withstand bumps and drops associated with regular wear and tear, as well.

Can I use this when I’m sitting down?

Yes! There is a sitting configuration as well as a standing desk configuration, both of which allow full access to all of the electronic features of the GoBox.

Will I need to connect the GoBox to a power socket?

The GoBox Studio comes standard with a PC power cable that plugs into a standard AC outlet.

What systems is the GoBox Studio compatible with?

Both Apple and PC systems: The recommended minimum computer specs for the GoBox Studio is a MacBook with an M1 chip or higher or a PC with an i7 CPU or higher.



Go Box Studio

So many possibilities, so many uses, so EASY!!! 

Go Box Studio




Your Chief Legacy Ambassador,

Sherrie Rose