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2022 Brings a New Direction “Echo Your Legacy”

Navigation may be for the navy and ships but principles apply to business and life direction.

Navigation requires a person to know their relative location, or position compared to other known locations.  Sound is used to “echo-locate” underwater with sonar pulses listening for reflections, the echo signature.

Buy, I digress.  The ripple effect of the last few years because of Covid, has changed the navigation and direction of LikesUP and the business endeavors of Sherrie Rose.

Introducing, “Echo Your Legacy” designed for business owners.  These are business owners who consider themselves chief contributors, not only in their business, but in their communities and possibly the world at large.



We will write more about this topic in the near future.

Our friend and colleague, Kevin Hutto, in the photo below, lost his battle with Covid in August 2021. 
Kevin’s memory is for a blessing. 

It is because of the tragic loss of Kevin and others in recent years that has given rise to this new direction. The story is shared inside the 2022 release of the book, The Cocoon Conundrum.

  Kevin Hutto  


Your Chief Legacy Ambassador,

Sherrie Rose