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Liking Authority and the Science of Persuasion

Likes UP! Like is such a popular word and has become the symbol of social approval and acceptance with the hand and thumb pointing up as in the Likes UP logo. This is the “find agreeable, enjoyable, or satisfactory” verb form of the word like. “I like you.” Joe Girard …

Likes UP: Making Your Customers Fall Madly… Deeply… Hopelessly In Love (or Like) With You…

How To Get Them To l-o-v-e you! Though the miles that separate us are many… examples of Love more fulfilling are few. And this is the time that love naturally fills the air that we breathe. Okay… I’m not really one for the Hallmark created moments in our lives, so… …

Likes UP–Are You Addicted to LIKES?

    Likes UP–Are You Addicted to LIKES?     This came up in a recent viral post on Google Plus entitled “Where should you post your status?”  It was created by Breaking Copy. SO… are YOU addicted to Likes? You are in good company if you are because in …

Likes UP–Where is Your Attention During “Family Time”?

It has been said that the greatest gift is the gift of undivided attention. With families splitting up first things in the morning into different directions for work, school, day care, and later in the day the commitments of sports, classes, volunteering, families rarely even eat dinner together. Do you …

Likes Up: I Like You!

Likes Up: I Like You!   Liking: The Friendly Thief I never did quite understand the reasoning behind for this chapter title in Robert Cialdini’s book (Chapter 5 of Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion) but since his book is a winner and gets a big ‘Likes UP’ I will continue …

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