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Turn Webinar Horror Story into Webinar Happy Ending

Have you seen the new Webinar Marketing Platforms where customers rushed to make the switch because of the horrors they were experiencing with their current webinar software? You see, before using a Platform that is good enough for the US President, you could… …either use webinar software that was not …

Webinar: Profit Hacks #profithacks Contest

Pete Williams and Rich Schefren held a six hour marathon webinar with contest on Twitter (hashtag #profithacks) and YouTube.  To sum up the valuable content that was shared by multiple webinar participants (about 2000 attended) below is the Storify recap with nuggets. To discover more click here: Profit Hacks [View …

Likes UP: ESCAPE the trap of 95% of Business Owners

Watch Pete Williams Take On This 6-Hour Challenge LIVE Sign Up Now and Receive a Free Bonus Imagine how fast your business would grow if you could get an entire week’s worth of profitable work done for your business… in 6 hours. ESCAPE the trap of 95% of Business Owners… …

Webinars: One Big Factor That 90% of Marketers Overlook

Webinars: One Big Factor That 90% of Marketers Overlook There is one factor that 90% of marketers overlook that is a major key to creating a webinar that actually sells well. A key to selling on webinars is the ability to contrast what your prospects future will be like with …

Webinar Maxed Out 4,682 Registrations

Webinar Maxed Out with Tons of Registrations So That Latecomers Were Locked Out! On October 26th there were 4,682 people who registered for a webinar that will ONLY hold 1,000 people maximum. The webinar event was  a live encore webinar from two days earlier.  No More Attendees AllowedAbout 10 minutes …

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