5 Step-Ups to Scale Your Webinar

Webinars need people to take action with the 5 Step-Ups.

What is a Step-up? The Step-up concept comes from the carnival sideshows when the carnival barker would call out “Step Right Up” Don’t be shy! To make it welcome for folks to step right up and buy a ticket to see the show. And what is a webinar but a show that is engaging, educating, and entertaining? LikesUP for Step-ups. You want webinar folks to Step-up and participate.

The 5 Webinar Step-Ups:

1. Sign-up (Register)

2. Show-up (Attend)

3. Stay-up (Keep active to end)

4. Pay-up (Take Action)

5. Follow-up (Encore) > if they did not attend or take action

Webinar best practices or step-ups are the 5 easy-to-learn steps. The first one is something you probably have heard often but maybe aren’t sure how to achieve: Sign-up (Register), Getting Maximum Registrations for your webinar. Sign-ups and Show-ups are part of the PROMOTE Pillar of The Webinar Way.

As a side note, Step Right Up is also the name of a song by Tom Waits, a movie by the same title, and is well used in literature and videos.

Back to webinars, be aware that one of these steps alone won’t double your profits, together they can increase your overall profits by up to 20% or more when you apply them correctly.

Once you’ve sparked interest (using the three C’s – Content that is relevant, Connection to you and your topic, Close the next action), and you’ve closed them to Sign-up and register for your webinar, now you need to make sure that they show up. Every step in your webinar funnel flow is crucial to your success and profitability.

You’ve put a lot of effort into getting people to Show-up and attend your webinar with confirmation emails, reminders, bribes, ads, text messages and even phone calls.

Next, is the live event webinar. You must not bore your participants. Stay-up is are part of the PRESENT and POWER POSITION Pillars of The Webinar Way.  You need people awake and alert to Stay-up for the pitch. You also need a stick strategy, some reason for them to stick around and stay engaged and active to the end because the longer they stay, the more they learn and the greater the opportunity they will hear your pitch, although the training itself should spark their desire for the offer.

Next is the Pay-up, the offer. And the participants may not be paying; they may only be applying. Pay-up is are part of the PITCH Pillar of The Webinar Way. It ties into the WAMO Approach which keeps the offer/outcome in mind throughout the webinar. What is your outcome, what offer are you presenting, where are the multiple, easy transitions from teaching to selling throughout the webinar, so the pitch is seamless?

Finally, there is Follow-up. This is a combination of PROMOTE and PRESENT Pillars of The Webinar Way where you are providing value to the interested parties. Even if they take the offer or apply, you need to THANK your participants for attending and new customers for their patronage. If you have properly segmented your list you will know who to send what emails to. Also, if someone signed-up but did not attend, you can sent the replay or what I prefer to call the encore webinar. The encore can be live or recorded and you can use similar techniques such as revealing the buy button at the right time to help generate profitable results.

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