Legacy Ambassador

Echo Your Legacy

‘Echo Your Legacy’ is the concept that is embodied by the Legacy Chief.

The direction for Sherrie Rose has shifted in 2021 and in 2022 she steps into the role of Legacy Ambassador.
This includes Chief Legacy Officer and Ambassador to the Chief-contributors in our world.

Legacy Chiefs are the contributors in our world who also protect and preserve traditions and values. It is not about living forever; it is about creating something of value that continues beyond you and because of you.

When you identify yourself as a chief-contributor, you will want to participate in the unique Chieftain Tribe (mastermind) with other Legacy Chiefs who share similar business and personal views. You are not alone. You’ll put your pieces in place in a legendary legacy because it addresses the personal touchy subjects that are often avoided, misunderstood, or unknown until… it is often too late. 

Our approach offers a clear, thoughtful, comprehensive set of practices to easily get you through the details you design. You align your priorities, so you may live to the fullest now while knowing what you create benefits, is valued, and is enjoyed by future generations.

If this sounds like something you would like to put in place in your business and your life, feel free to find out more by visiting us at: www.LegacyChief.com


Chieftain Tribe members are known as Legacy Chiefs. Legacy Chiefs take care of their business, their community, their affairs and participate in and support the greater good.

The 3 major ‘truths’ for Legacy Chiefs are to Extend their Lifepath, Establish their Wellspring, and Enrich their Values.  Don’t dismiss the simplicity of these three truths.  If you relate to these truths, that is the first qualification to becoming a Legacy Chief.

Legacy Matters

We believe chief-contributors like you truly deserve to ECHO YOUR LEGACY for future generations while living for what truly matters today, on your terms.
Sherrie Rose, Legacy Ambassador

This program, Legacy Chiefs, is designed with you in mind. It’s time to Become A Legacy Chief!

For Chief-contributors who are Legacy-focused Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and Leaders on a Mission. 

Well, mission is the word we use, but it will do until the release of the book The Cocoon Conundrum.  Inside the book is a newly minted world that encompasses how a Legacy Chief runs his world.

Sherrie’s Future Vision For Chieftain Tribe

Sherrie Rose sees the Chieftain Tribe as a unified group who uphold ideals, integrity, and innovation.

She supports Legacy Chiefs who help each other through the Crown Legacy Fund. Supporting entrepreneurs who may have fallen on hard times who were unaware of the mandate of the Legacy Chiefs and therefore did not have their affairs in order.

Sherrie sees individuals who breathe out with sigh of relief, relaxed, sense of security, and peace of mind.

She supports individuals who have courage, a clear direction, and who are in pursuit of excellence, striving to be better each day.   Your time related motivation focuses on activities that your future self will be proud of and thank you for.

Sherrie holds fir you: your vision, retaining your purpose, and upholding your mission.

The inspiration comes from above and Sherrie is filled with gratitude as you form ideas into actions.

What’s behind this?

This timing is relevant – the Covid period has brought mortality to top of mind in addition, the population is aging. It is attainable. Yes, with focus, effort and gathering of details. The biggest issue is the attitude that it can be done later, put off, or the emotional factor in answering the questions because it brings up feelings/fear of mortality.  

What’s out there now does NOT fill the need. What’s missing is a truly comprehensive system and process. To help others prepare with structured purpose.  Join Sherrie as she does it for herself (and family) Her reason, her why, is HONOR.     


Echo Legacy with Sherrie Rose Legacy Ambassador