CEO Questions To Ask In Your Role as Chief Executive Officer

CEO Questions

CEO Questions and Prompts

List out what do I absolutely HAVE to do

What should I be touching?

What else can I do that DOESN’T Disrupt the team?

What Can I delegate/who can I train today?

Getting into details begets getting into details

What are my current CEO Missions?


Set milestones – here’s where I’d like to be.. then encourage. You’re doing fine.. no need to pressure. Leading versus MANAGING.

How Can I Help My Team the Most Today?

Define outcomes and paint picture of future

Help team with goals

Find and recruit good talent while team has head down

Motivate and beat drum of vision

Live in the future – 12-18 Mos. Where are we going, what do we need to get there? What is the roadmap.

How can we go faster?

Special projects

Scaling Truths

Can only scale through team.

We scale at the speed I can delegate

Am I working on the highest and best use of my time

Choose your battles. “I get this and you don’t get it, so listen to me” – only have a few of those… only a few things that are very important to me

The Road Less Stupid:
The 5 Core Disciplines of Thinking

  • Find the Unasked Question — Create a question that will result in clarity and generate better choices
  • Separate the Problem from the Symptom — Identify the real obstacle that is blocking my progress
  • Check Assumptions — Differentiate the facts from the story
  • Consider 2nd Order Consequences — Clarify the risks and the possibility/cost of being wrong
  • Create the Machine — Create the executable plan and identify the resources (people and money) required to solve the real problem and make forward progress

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