Convert to Seal the Deal: Live and on-demand workshops, webinars, masterclass

Convert to Seal the Deal Leadpages: Live and on-demand workshops, webinars, masterclass

Convert & Seal Deal runs 3 days

Join three live workshops for Converted: Seal the Deal. For coaches, consultants, and service providers who register for this virtual intensive—and we want to make sure that your audience doesn’t miss out. 

What’s Converted all about?

​Instead of yet another virtual summit with 50 speakers offering conflicting advice and heavy pitches that overwhelm attendees, Converted: Seal the Deal covers 3 proven strategies for growing any business that relies heavily on the expertise of the business owner. Plus, you get access to the live implementation workshops with each teacher October 21-23 (at 2 PM Eastern daily).


Turn your passion into passive income

Establish yourself as an authority in your space and generate income by transforming your expertise into videos, whitepapers, and ebooks.  Register


Gain momentum with lightning-fast programs

Build momentum for your program and personal brand by creating valuable, low-cost group training sessions that you can scale. Register


Attract high-ticket clients with less stress

Stop wasting time with free sessions and low-commitment leads and start converting high-value clients that’ll happily pay for your services. Register

These 3 strategies are:

  • Creating a short, premium video course for passive revenue
  • Offering lightning-fast, interactive programs (like hotseat coaching, intensives, or challenges)
  • Converting prospects into high-ticket clients

Each of these 3 strategies are solid by themselves. But they work best when done together.

Your audience will also love that this training is offered as a hybrid package. They’ll get instant access to 3 on-demand training sessions from Nancy, Extus, and Bob.

And it’s all 100% free. 

P.S. On-demand training you watch first, and then attend the live workshops (Oct 21-23)

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