Hot 2021 Trends in Coaching

hot coaching trends

Hot Trends Working in the Coaching Space

Since COVID hit, there are some MAJOR shifts in how many experts are marketing and selling their programs.

Keep in mind these are what many of the 7-8 figure “A Players” are doing, so this stuff may or may not be relevant to your business.

Trend #1 – Growing Clients

This is a concept the author of this post, Chris Laub, has been fascinated by.

In short, the high ticket space has always has the attitude of:

“Either you can afford my program or you can’t. Period.”

Which was fine.

Except most people’s followers / fans cannot in fact afford their high ticket programs.

Now, I don’t want to turn this into an Econ thesis.

But when your only offer is sold at a super high price point, you exclude a large portion of the market from doing business with you.

Now, in a huge market like Biz Opp or Weight Loss…

…that’s fine because there’s such a massive flow of new prospects / “fresh meat” coming into the market at any given time.

But the smaller the market gets, the harder the Sales Cap.

Take Ferrari.

Yes, they sell at a super high price point.

But because they sell worldwide, they’re able to play the numbers game (47M millionaires worldwide). But imagine if they could only sell cars in North Dakota?

In that scenario, there would be a hard cap on how many potential sales they could make.

Which is exactly what people have realized about selling high ticket to small and even medium sized markets.

It’s basic Supply and Demand.

The higher your price point, the smaller your Pool of Prospects is going to be.

Meaning, if you serve a niche audience, like Gym Owners (only 41,000 gyms in the U.S.)…

…and you’re selling at a super high price point…

…and you’re not the industry leader (in terms of market share)…

…you’re fighting a very difficult battle.

So what’s the solution?

Well, you can either wait until more people in your market can afford your stuff…

…or you can force the process.

By helping people go from where they are now (can’t afford your stuff)…

…to where you want them to be (can afford your stuff).

AKA Growing Clients.

I’m seeing this all over the place.

Taki Moore’s Million Dollar Coach program is designed for coaches doing $15,000+ See

So what did he do?

Taki came out with a $1,500 offer designed to help GET coaches to $15,000.

So, to help people GET to $5,000 per month…

…he put out a free Mini Course teaching coaches how to market and sell for free.

Same with Traffic and Funnels.

Why are they selling their organic trainings and templates for under $100?

So that people will take action on them –> get results –> and want to jump into their $10K Client Kit program.

Same goes for Gym Launch (the #1 leader in the gym growth space).

Around 3-6 months ago, they launched a $1 offer…

…designed to help gyms get some clients and new revenue coming in after the COVID shutdowns.

Now, obviously they weren’t making money on a $1 program.

Instead, the end goal was to help these gyms get to the point where they COULD afford Gym Launch.

It’s a genius strategy that – when done right – opens up a much broader segment of the market.*

*While providing a lot of value and good will along the way.

Now, you can Grow Clients with free content or paid content.

I prefer paid.

But this is a fascinating concept and one I don’t expect to die out anytime soon.

Also from Chris below

Have an audience? Want to get some clients like now?

Do this…

Step #1 – Take some of your intellectual property and turn it into something you can sell for $7

*The perceived value should be dramatically higher than what you’re charging, ideally $500 – $1,000.

Step #2 – Put together a super simple sales page (CF, SamCart, PayFunnels, whatever)

Step #3 – Record a video thanking them and letting them know how you’re doing something “new” with your coaching / consulting students

*This can be as simple as including some / more 1-on-1 time, offering to set something up for them, etc.

Step #4 – Put that video on the Thank You / confirmation page with a button / link to apply to work with you

Step #5 – Have that button direct people to your existing sales process (application, calendar, etc.)

Step #6 – Promote the $7 offer to your audience

Last time I did this it brought in almost $10K…

For something that took me a matter of hours to set up.

Why does this work?


Way too many experts are pushing the same CTA to their audience OVER and OVER and OVER.

It gets repetitive fast.

To the point your followers will start to become “blind” to your CTAs (similar to Banner Ad Blindness)

By offering new and exciting paths into your sales process…

…you slip under the radar of the people who’ve become blind to your constant email / post / Group CTAs.