How to Launch Like a PRO with Launch Engine

The Launch Engine Intensive is the COMPLETE launch program that contains everything about how to launch like a pro… and do it over and over again. This is from the brilliant mind of Ron Reich.
It consists of 5 action-packed modules, which are as follows:
Module 1:  Preparing For Rapid Growth
This module goes deep into my Excalibur Method for setting up your branding and positioning. 
This is where I show you how to become that larger than life superhero you need to be in order to have a success launch.
Module 2:  Dialing In Your Flagship Offer
In this module, you get my complete training on how to nail your offer.  
All of your questions such as “how much should I charge?”; “What should I include in it?” and “How long should my program be for?” are answered in this module.
You’ll also learn how to name and position your offer so it practically sells itself.
Module 3:  The “Brainwashing” Sequence 
One of the keys to having a successful launch are the things you do BEFORE your launch officially starts.  You’ll discover exactly how to do this in this module. 
Not only that, but you’re also going to discover exactly to create content like a pro not just in your launches but throughout the entire year. 
Being a prolific content creator has been one of my secrets over the years, you’ll find out exactly how I do it and have my content creation systems handed to you on a silver platter.
Module 4:  The Pre-Launch Sequence
In this next module you’ll discover my simple, yet incredibly effective system for designing your pre-launch system. The pre-launch sequence is the official sequence of free content you put out before your cart is open and you’re ready for business. 
Here, you’ll learn WHAT type of sequence is right for you and HOW to create it in a way that does not drive you crazy.   Included here are TONS of examples and a few other surprises.
Module 5:  The 7-Figure Open Cart Sequence
This is the special sequence that I designed quite a few years ago that has since been copied by more people than I can count.
This sequence has been responsible for tens of millions of dollars in sales by now and you’ll easily be able “install” it in your business after you go through this training.
When you learn to launch like a pro, you have the ULTIMATE marketing tool at your disposal for the rest of your career.
This tool will give the ability to generate a massive list, accelerate your visibility, and create huge spikes in revenue for you repeatedly, at will.
While this information in this program is worth literally tens of thousands of dollars (or more), you can get the entire program today for just one payment of $500.
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As part of this special offer, you also get access to the following bonuses gifts:
Bonus #1 (Just Added!):  Operation:  Launch
This is a special small group 90-minute session where both myself and the World’s Greatest Launch Copywriter are going to work with you personally to plan your next launch.
By the end of the session, you’ll have your launch angle/idea in place, your pre-launch content outlined, and your launch calendar completely mapped out.

Bonus #2:   The CASH Acceleration Workshop
Do you need to make money FAST? 
I know that feeling.  A few months ago, I got together with a select group of clients and showed my TOP strategies for making an extra $10,000+ in the next 7 to 10 days.  
This special workshop breaks down exactly what to do to bring in a nice infusion of cash as quickly as possible.

Bonus #3:  The Anatomy of an A+ Player Program
This is my special program that’s all about how to install the habits and routines of A+ Players into your own life.  You’re going to learn how to be at least twice as productive as you are now after you go through this one.  It also includes my best mindset trainings as well.

Bonus #4:  Six (6) Months of Follow-Up Coaching Support
When you join the program, you also get six months of coaching support directly from me. 
This comes in the form of Q and A calls that happen with me every month where you can ask ANY questions you have, and get my brain directly on your business. 
Again, you get everything described above for just ONE payment of $500.

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I promise, that if you take this information and apply it, you WILL see massive results in return.
And remember, in addition to all of the amazing, money-generating content you’re getting, you’re also getting a ton of personal support as well.

You’re not going to see a deal this good anytime soon.  That’s a promise.
But the clock is ticking.

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