The #1 Secret of The World’s Top Business Coach

Anurag Gupta Coach Lululemon

The #1 Secret of The World’s Top Business Coach

The Founder of The Difference Engine, Anurag Gupta, is widely recognized as one of the smartest business coaches on Earth, and gets $40,000 for ONE DAY of his consulting. (Compare that to the average Business Coach!)

Anurag routinely helps his clients grow their businesses from $10 million to One Billion Dollars in revenue. So what’s the key to all of the awards Anurag’s won and the incredible success stories created for his clients?

After he helped Chip Wilson grow Lululemon from a fledgling company to an international billion dollar brand, here’s what Wilson had to say: “Anurag’s quality of work and effectiveness is awesome and the return on investment is unequaled.”

Anurag says the reason business leaders don’t hit their goals is that they aim for goals they want to hit. …Instead of aiming for your goals, he teaches his clients to use a life-changing strategy, so that they never miss another goal ever again. This billion dollar strategy will be revealed in the Master Class entitled Grow Without The Grind: How to Double, Triple, 10x and More With the Least Amount of Time and Most Amount of Impact shows what it is, how it works, and how you can use it to scale your own business to new heights, in a brand new deep dive Master Class dedicated solely to business leaders.

Previous class participants have said:
I was blown away by the effectiveness and quality of your Masterclass. Very few teachings on these topics can keep my attention for an hour, yet I was spellbound for 3 hours! Amazing work guys!

The Masterclass “Grow without the Grind” literally blew my mind! Packed with incredible value and very well presented. So many golden nuggets!

I just attended the Master Class “Grow without the Grind: How to Double, Triple, 10x and More With the Least Amount of Time and Most Amount of Impact”. I got some great ideas and loved the performance.

More on Anurag Gupta – A noted business coach with a background over 25 years including competitive sports, published academics, entrepreneurship (building 3 businesses by age 26), 20 years in personal development and human potential work with over 40,000 people on 4 continents, including over 100 organizations – the last 7 years coaching businesses with these principles.

Anurag (Rags), has been reliable for producing exponential growth with every company he has worked with and closing down every bar he has frequented.  His accomplishments include being integral to the exceptional success and performance of Lululemon Athletica (Nasdaq: LULU) amongst others.  What he does and adds to the companies he works with make the difference that’s required to generate breakthrough results.

Via LinkedIn: We design and implement initiatives that produce previously unseen levels of performance and results. We are currently working in the areas of business, education, wellness and entertainment. To date we have a 100% track record producing outstanding results with every business we have worked with. We are in the development stages in the other areas.

We will match ourselves with anyone in delivering performance or throwing a party.

Every project we design, or step into, generates exceptional exponential results, while at the same time causing transformation in the community and the world – hence everything becomes a difference engine.

we are committed to developing and making available a new model of operating that is so superior to the current ways of working that it does not make sense to do it any other way and have a global shift result on the planet.

we measure success with 3 parameters:

  1. outstanding financial performance
  2. exceptional operational excellence
  3. unprecedented social impact.

we are committed to accomplishing a state change in the world over the next 5-10 ten years and being arrested for excessive silliness during the process.