1 Simple Question To Get More People To Buy From You (this is brilliant)

One of the biggest challenges in business is figuring out who your ideal customers are … what they want … and what words to use to get them to buy.
If you’ve never seen Ryan Levesque you will love this video. Ryan is someone who I have a LOT of respect for as well as other pros like Eben Pagan. In this video he tells you an easy way uncover all of this and more, by using 1 question. 1 Simple Question To Grow Your Business Fast

The One Question That Gets You More Leads And Sales

About Ryan, not only is he a serially successful entrepreneur,

As a marketing and business coach, Ryan has generated over $120 million in additional revenue for his private clients.
He’s even been cited for his expertise on CNBC, Yahoo Finance, and The Miami Herald.

And on this free training video he’s going to show you how you can predict with almost 100% certainty what markets to enter …
What products to sell your prospective customers …

AND the exact language that will push all your customer’s hot buttons.
He’s broken it all down for you in the video.

What if the secret to knowing your market… BETTER than they know themselves… Can be known with just 3 simple words?

“Setting the Frame” and speaking effectively to 80% of your target buyers…

Free Training: How To Know What Products To Sell And The Words To Use To Get More Sales

You’ll discover:
* The “bucket” strategy that makes it WAY EASIER to know exactly what to say and do to make more sales (this is an incredibly powerful tool that could easily add an extra “0” to your bank account) …
* A powerful, but easy-to-use psychological tactic to build your list FAST (Ryan discovered this studying neuroscience at Brown University!) …
*How to know what parts of your market to focus on … and which to ignore. This saves you SO much time and could quickly double your results.
*The single most important tweak you can make to your website once you start using the “bucket” strategy in your business …
* And much more …

Click here to continue …

::: Your Own Personal Action Plan :::
Ryan is also including a free, downloadable PDF workbook that will help you put everything you learned into an action plan for your business.
Even if you didn’t watch the video, this workbook alone could help put your business on the fast track to growth and success.
So I strongly encourage you to watch the entire training video, download the pdf, and implement Ryan’s strategies right away.

Check it out here:
VIDEO: 1 Simple Question To Grow Your Business Fast 

In the professional world, it’s not the answers but the questions that lead to success, and the entrepreneur who can ask the right questions with the greatest regularity is the entrepreneur who will find themselves king of the hill.

A Question: Whenever you’re running into some sort of resistance in your business, the thing that you’re working on right now, you want to ask yourself this very simple question. What is the next small I can take that is so small it’s literally impossible for me to fail?

What can I do today that’s going to help our business grow by $500 this month? That’s it. The reason for that is, $500 was an amount of money that I could get my head around.

Three phases to the ‘Ask Method’. The first phase is discovery/Survey. Second phase is segment. Third phase is launch.

Survey Question: What’s your single biggest challenge or frustration that you’re running into right now?    What you’re trying to identify are, what are the pin points that exist in your market that aren’t being met? What is the language that people use to describe those pin points?

The segment phase is all about identifying the different segments that exist in your market, so you can communicate with those segments differently.  Can your product or service serve different groups of people within that niche? The same product, can it help different types of people?”  Speak to those different segments of people differently to better serve them and better sell the product that you’re selling.

You’ll love Ryan Levesque!

In business and life, I’m of the belief that you just need one move. You need one thing that you excel at. If you just do that one thing over and over again, it can tremendously help you. – Ryan

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