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The Webinar Way is the most powerful way to reach your audience and have them reach into their pocketbooks.  But, you will have to get them to your registration page.  Many people recommend Facebook ads and sponsored posts as a way to market your webinars.

Facebook and Facebook Likes are in controversy and both Matt and Mark have something to say about it.  They are not big fans of the liking phenomenon from a business perspective.

Yesterday Matt wrote a short email about the futility of getting “Likes” on your fan pages on Facebook.
Here’s a webinar replay link if you want to check it out.

Here’s what Matt “Like Me Please” Trainer has to say in his own words: 

I’m in good company because Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks and star of the Shark Tank hates Facebook.

Specifically he hates that Facebook makes you pay to reach an audience you built already.  So if you are paying for ads to get fans of your pages you then have to pay AGAIN to reach them.  It’s insane. He built over 2 million “Likes” for his Dallas Mavericks fan page. Then Facebook wants him to PAY AGAIN to get in front them. It’s the exact opposite way that Facebook was built to work in the beginning. Facebook is behind the 8 ball now and has to
please its owners (shareholders). So putting ANY value in Likes is stupid and a severe waste of money.

In the next 12 months this is going to be even worse.

There is a HUGE wash out coming for fan pages on Facebook. If you aren’t turning those “Likes” or “Fans” (capturing the email address) into LEADS then you are HOSED.  There is a simple solution.

We talked about it on the $100k/day Facebook training the other day.  Here’s the webinar replay to check it out 
The replay is coming down soon so check it out before its gone.

#LikesUP for $100k/day Facebook Training Webinar

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