Crush it On Camera!

Top Ten Ways to Crush it on Camera!

When it comes to creating and converting video content into clients you need to add a little method to the madness …

Here are some of the best ways to crush it on camera with more tips to follow…

1. Interview Someone – This gives you time to think about what you want to ask next as well as being positioned as the expert catalyst controlling and leading with your well worded questions.  There’s unsaid power in being the host getting the good interview.

2. Be Interviewed by Someone – This gives you the chance to hit the balls out of the park as someone pitches to you.  You are positioned as the expert with the answers and it can be easy to control the outcome.

3. Do Things Fast and or Live – Video is almost always best when it’s fast and live because people are more likely to forgive quality and expect something more real or documentary style.  People want to see things that are more real and relevant to the moment.

4. Good Lighting – The fastest and easiest way to make the most dramatic improvement in your videos is to ensure there is good lighting.  It only takes a few seconds to look around and figure out where you can get the best angle and lighting.  This one thing can make your amateur videos look professional.

5. Use the Triple E Formula – Have a rough framework in which helps you start strong, provide real value and call everyone to action.  This is Engaging, Enriching, and Enrolling my Triple E Formula.  Knowing how you you will start and finish drastically improves your odds of success.

See the rest of the list and even more details when David and Forbes share them on on the
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