Likes UP: Bonus *MEGA* Webinar

*LIVE* WEBINAR – Free bonus MEGA WEBINAR to take a deep dive into Timeline for Pages in particular.
Here’s just a quick overview for now of what to get excited about coming up! ツ


BONUS MEGA WEBINAR (Monday March 5th @ 5pm ET)
Timeline for Pages
(+ Premium Ads, Offers, Reach Generator)
Social media critiques x 10 winners

FOLKS — SAVE THE DATE/TIME — Monday, March 5th at 2:00pm PST / 5:00pm EST… bonus *LIVE* WEBINAR where I’ll be conducting the social media/Facebook critiques for the ten winners, PLUS covering the Timeline for Pages changes and any other changes announced today… best I can. This will likely be at least a 90 minute session, possibly as long as two hours. As always, we *will* record for you!!! And transcribe.

The above message is from Mari Smith, Social Media Thought Leader and creator of the 8 module course: Extreme Fanbase Growth for Facebook Pages.  She’s offering a free bonus webinar to her course participants because of the changes on Facebook for Timeline for Pages.  That has been the theme of several of the webinars noted on in the last few days.

Look for Mari shortly on The Webinar Way as she shares how many people attended her free webinar that promoted her Extreme Fanbase Growth for Facebook Pages course.  The Webinar Way is an essential key to success. 

#LikesUP for Mari Smith


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