Love in a World of Likes #LikesUP

Do you LIKE it?  Like, by one definition, is used to convey a person’s attitude or feelings, and online it is in the form of a Likes UP – usually a symbol shown as a thumbs up.

But, there is a greater, more powerful emotion, LOVE.  Due to popular demand, Facebook added love to their reactions to give you a choice beyond like.

Nikon camera ( decided to play on this with a commercial “I am a lover, not a liker!”


In a world of likes, we’re all about Love.


The video and photos for Nikon illustrate how much we love our photos… and why Google offers free photo app to keep your photos accessible no matter what your smartphone.  The cameras that Nikon offers capture superior quality (don’t tell Google Pixel) and real photo buffs have real cameras.

We live in a world of likes. But what about Loves? Because the things you Love make you uniquely you. It’s time to Show Your Love Some Love!

#LikesUP for #NikonLove

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