Turn Webinar Horror Story into Webinar Happy Ending

The Webinar Way: The Single, Most Effective Way to Promote your Services, Drive Leads & Sell a Ton of Products by author Sherrie Rose , WebinarCoach.com

Have you seen the new Webinar Marketing Platforms where customers rushed to make the switch because of the horrors they were experiencing with their current webinar software?

You see, before using a Platform that is good enough for the US President, you could…

…either use webinar software that was not made for marketers


…HACK together a duct tape solution. (NOT The Webinar Way)

Just listen to frustrations that customers have shared about horror “before” stories about their webinars:

“Forgot to hit record…now the whole webinar is gone!” 🙁

That’s why a robust Webinar Marketing Platform that automatically records your webinar without you having to push a button is a great solution.

“Had over 1,000 people sign-up, now I have to run two separate live webinars.”

No problem now, thanks to Google Hangout on Air and Webinar Marketing Platform’s ability to handle unlimited attendees.

“I can only show my offer in the chat and on my slides that people couldn’t click, the conversions could be better.”

Webinar Marketing Platform for selling products and services must have real time offer pop-ins with proven high converting design.

“I have to spend too much time or I have to hire someone to render and convert these recordings”

Using pre-existing technology your webinar will render and convert your recording within minutes, ready to share as a re-broadcast.

You want the right tool for your business for your web+seminar because that’s The Webinar Way!

So the question is…

Do ANY of these webinar horror stories ring true for YOU?

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If you have a webinar horror story, and if you never want to live this horror story again, take the lead from President Obama and the White House. The President has used this powerful technology to address the United States. The tech we’re talking about Google Hangouts On Air.

The same technology that powers the backend of several Webinar Marketing Platforms.

When you have over 1,000 people show up to your webinar using the technology of a Webinar Marketing Platform – you can be confident that no one will get kicked off or locked out of your webinar, with the rock solid stability of Google Hangouts.

And, you won’t need a president’s budget to get Webinar Marketing Platform, we’re offering it at a special price that’s ending soon, check it out.

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There are certain things you should only buy once and use for a lifetime. These products should keep rewarding you time after time with every use.

Like a durable high quality leather bag or briefcase, or a well crafted durable cast iron pan.

Think about it, you can choose to pay for something lower quality, have it break or be unsatisfied with it, then pay for it multiple times…

or invest in something that is straight up boss quality and enjoy it for a lifetime.

We feel the same way about your webinar software.

And now for a limited time, you can invest in our webinar software once and use it as long as you want.

Check it out, the introduction of a Webinar Marketing Platform that you pay once at a special pricing that’s ending soon.

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