Webinar Unique Content Formula

Here is a unique way to send an email to introduce your webinar content:

My webinars are made up from a unique content formula:

(add the link to you upcoming webinar here)

Here’s the blueprint:

FIRST, I prepare fresh content that is new, novel and useful and cannot be found online anywhere. As an example, (the add the link to your upcoming webinar here), it will include (add your list):

1. Why salespeople need to know how to raise money as much as any entrepreneur
2. Why sales methods don’t work to raise money and push potential opportunities away
3. The difference between raising $1 million and $10 million
3. What to say and do in the first 3-minutes
4. How to correctly close any kind of presentation

(use text, the add the link to your upcoming webinar here using key words)

SECOND, I provide many real world examples, so, instead of “interesting theory” you have actual DIY “how-to” material. I prepare these examples well in advance to be clear and concise so you can easily copy.

For example, instead of this: “You should always use a social connection when approaching an investor or buyer.”

I provide this: Here’s an email I used to get a meeting with Clate Mask at Infusionsoft [add screenshot of an actual email.]

THIRD, I hire an actor to play me, so I don’t have to memorize any content, have hot-lights in my face, or inconvenience myself in anyway. So, while you are watching this (the add the link to your upcoming webinar here) I will be at the Spa and later meet a friend for a cappuccino (I believe this week the actor will be Brie Larson.)


Truth is there will be No Spa. No Cappuccino. Just hot-lights in my face, five angle cameras, tons of pressure to hold the attention of 2,000 people on a live webinar broadcast.

A SUGGESTION: request to forward the actual email (or share sponsored post) to a colleague or business partner, because I am going to introduce methods (add the items you will discuss and promise to deliver)

My methods are taken from (describe), and should work better than anything you are currently doing. By the end of our time together, I believe you will want to make changes to the way you (clarify such as: do business, live your life, or other details).

But unless others around you understand WHY you want to make such changes — they will resist.

An easy solution:

Bring others into the conversation on (enter the date), and you’ll be in a good position to (add the items you will discuss and promise to deliver)

Forward this email to the partner, employee or colleague that you need on your side, and I’ll see you both on Friday.

(use text, the add the link to your upcoming webinar here using key words)

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